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Episode Guide: Chapter Black

Below you will find summaries and a few pictures of the Chapter Black saga of Yu Yu Hakusho, episodes 67-94.

67. Return to Living World

Back on Hanging Neck Island a mysterious figure approaches a barely alive Elder Toguro.

Meanwhile in the human world strange activities are occurring in Yusuke's city. Koenma sends Botan to tell Yusuke about the phenomenon. As Yusuke, Keiko, and Kuwabara walk to school two mysterious boys watch them.

Hiei and Kurama both encounter insects from demon world, foretelling that something bad is going to happen soon.

After Kuwabara explains to Yusuke that all his spiritual powers are gone Kaito and the two boys who were watching them earlier show up. Yusuke is ready for a good old fashion fight and goes with them to the field behind Sarayashiki Jr. High. Yusuke tells Kuwabara to listen to what Botan has to say. Botan explains to Kuwabara that ordinary humans have acquired spiritual powers.

Kido Asato unleashes a strange power which makes Yusuke unable to move. He says Yusuke's in his "territory." Knowing something is not right, Puu finds Botan and Kuwabara and tells them Yusuke has been abducted. When they arrive at the field a note is there telling them to bring Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama to Yojigen Mansion at 11 o' clock at night or Yusuke's life is not guaranteed.

68. Setting the Trap

After reading the note about Yusuke's abduction, Botan and Kuwabara go to Kurama's school and show him the letter. But a problem occurs of how to locate Hiei. Botan goes off to get Yusuke's Detective Items (Seven Tools of the Spirit World) to track down Hiei with them. Using the Medium's whistle (Itako-Bue) Botan lets out a sound wave that only one with spiritual powers can hear. Hiei falls out of a tree behind them from the ear-splitting sound. Botan then convinces the fire apparition to help save Yusuke by promising him that he will be removed from the Spirit World's wanted list.

Upon arrival at the mansion a warning note is posted on the door. It says not to say the word "hot" after entering. Awaiting them inside is Kaito Yu. He explains to them that he knows all about the Dark Tournament and Kurama's powers over plants. When Hiei tries to attack him a barrier forms around Kaito, protecting him.

Kaito explains to them that violence has no effect in his territory and only words have power. Kaito provokes Hiei, making him say the word "hot." Kaito then explains that in his territory your soul is taken when you say the taboo word and that's exactly what happened to Hiei!

Yanagisawa has the key that will lead to the next room, but since violence doesn't work in Kaito's territory, Kuwabara can't get the key by force. The only way to save Hiei and get the key to advance and save the petrified Yusuke is to beat Kaito at his game of words.

69. The Power of Taboo

Within Kaito's territory violence is not allowed and muttering the forbidden word "hot" will lead to one's soul being taken away. Kurama must battle Kaito in a game of wits to save his friends and get the key to the next room.

While telling Botan what he wants to drink, Kuwabara's soul is taken. Soon after Botan's is taken too, when she comments that Kuwabara didn't say the word "hot." It is revealed that you can't say the sounds of the word in a row and that is why Kuwabara's soul was taken.

Kaito threatens to harm the souls of Kurama's friends, but Kurama warns him that he will kill Kaito if he does. Then Kurama uses a non violent approach with his plants to slyly "borrow" the key from Yanagisawa.

Kurama proposes a challenge to Kaito. Kurama challenges Kaito to change the taboo word to a word he wants. Kurama will then make Kaito say the taboo in 45 minutes. If Kurama loses Kaito gets his soul. The taboo will be one sound (based off the Japanese sound system of kana: a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, etc). But after every minute another sound will be added to the taboo list, starting with "a." The sounds they are able to say will slowly decrease and within 45 minutes all the sounds will be eliminated.

When Kaito leaves for the bathroom Yanagisawa is knocked unconscious and the room has become a jungle of plants. Kurama sneaks up behind Kaito and makes a funny face, forcing Kaito to laugh and lose the game. Everyone's souls are returned to their bodies.

70. Genkai's Ruse

Yanagisawa gives Kurama, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Botan permission to enter the next room. But in order to go to the next floor each person must take a different staircase. To insure that nothing happens to everyone they use Marking Seals (Mejiru-Shiru), which allows only the one that puts the seal on to take it off and shows the condition of the one whos name is written on the seal. Each person gets a seal put on them by a someone different, so everyone has three seals on them. Then they each head up a different strange staircase.

When the four arrive at the second floor Yusuke warns them that Kido can paralyze someone by stepping on their shadow. Kido explains Yusuke's new challenge: to find the imposter who is impersonating one of his friends in the ten minutes by asking them questions. He also explains that if Yusuke doesn't figure it out then the real person will be in danger.

Yusuke tells the others to take the Marking Seals off to find out the imposter, but all the seals come off easily. Kido explains that Yanagisawa's ability is to copy in which he can copy memories, personalities, and even extrasensory imprints. The seals were so forth useless.

Yusuke is then freed to attack the person he thinks is the imposter. He attacks Kuwabara, identifying the imposter. The person who planned all this appears; it's Genkai! Genkai and Kido then explain that due to the hole in the Demon Realm's gate humans are getting unique powers. Someone is carrying out Sayko's wish of opening the gate to the Demon Realm!

71. The Tunnel

Genkai tells Yusuke and the gang that a hole between Demon Realm and Human Realm is opening in Mushiyori City. Koenma also becomes aware of the situation and further explains to Yusuke the four phrases to open the boundary to the Demon Realm. First stage: Low life forms from the Demon Realm flourish in the Human realm; second stage: Humans develop unique abilities; third stage: Demons of D class and lower break through the barrier to the Human Realm; Final stage: C and B class demons can get into the Human Realm, which are as strong as Toguro. Koenma explains that Spirit Realm only controls a small amount of the Demon Realm and there are much more powerful Demons of A and S class. However, there is a barrier between the Human and Demon Realms that blocks A and S class demons, but B and lower classes can slip in.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure named Sensui and what's left of elder Toguro converse. They are the ones opening the tunnel to Demon Realm. Elder Toguro asks Sensui to stop Yusuke and friends.

Kuwabara, who has no spirit awareness at the moment and can't see Koenma, is clued in and soon after Genkai returns Kaito's soul to his body. Then Koenma calls the gang again. He brings terrifying news. The hole to Demon realm is opening so fast that in three weeks it will be in the Final stage and there will be no way to close it. They must stop the spell caster that's opening it, who is in the center, before three weeks end. They also conclude that the gate began opening right after the Dark Tournament ended, one month ago.

Genkai warns not to take any reckless action until they find out who the enemy is. Hiei, annoyed after being called only a B class demon, says he wants to have no part in helping humans, but Yusuke and Kurama are confident he'll come back. The others get a good night rest at the mansion so that the next day they can split up into two groups and get an ideal of the city's condition.

Meanwhile Itsuki, the spell caster, tells Sensei that he is unable to get through the peripheral field and needs someone to cut it. Sensei assures him that he will find someone who can cut it.

At daybreak Keiko awakens to find a trembling Puu. He flies away when she approaches him, causing her to chase after him because she is worried about Yusuke. She is joined by Shizuru, who has a bad feeling about where Puu is leading them.

72.The Reader

Split into two groups to investigate Mushiyori City, Yusuke's group of Genkai, Yanagisawa, and Kido tackle the city and find it infested with demon insects, however humans can't see them. Meanwhile Kurama, Kaito, Botan, and Kuwabara go to the field where the hole is thought to be growing. They conclude that the spell caster is underground. Kurama becomes aware that they are being watched and decides to join back with Yusuke's group.

As Yusuke's group is searching the city they walk into someone's territory. They investigate a small dinner and are confronted by the person who has the territory. He has the ability to read minds, so when Kido tries to step on his shadow it fails and he's knocked flat by the want-a-be boxer. Yusuke decides to take the guy on. He tells him he's coming at him with a right straight punch. Not believing Yusuke, the man reads his mind to find out it's true. Yusuke attacks and stop shorts, but the shockwave hurls the guy across the room and while he is unconscious Yanagisawa copies him to find out if he knows anything about the tunnel to Demon Realm. He doesn't know, but they decide to take him along with them.

Yusuke and the others make Murota, the man who can read other's minds, read the minds of the people in the city to find the one who is planning to open the hole. When he does find him he is terrified by the evil of the man's thoughts. Just then someone shoots an bullet, later found to be an eraser, at Murota, splitiing open his head and sending him to the hospital. As the ambulance races by Keiko and Shizuru follow Puu after it.

At the hospital Murota explains what he heard the man, Sensui, thinking: "that the seven of us will dig a hole-Dark Angel, Gatekeeper, Sniper, Gourmet, Gamemaster, Doctor, and Seaman."

Little does Yusuke's group know, they are being watched by Doctor and Kurama's group by Seaman.

73. The Doctor's Disease

At Daikyo Hospital Murota tells Yusuke, Genkai, Kido, and Yanagisawa that from Sensui's mind he knows that seven men with abilities-Dark Angel, Gatekeeper, Sniper, Gourmet, Gamemaster, Doctor, and Seaman-are trying to make a tunnel between the Demon Realm and Human Realm. That man also has bloodthirsty thoughts of killing all humans.

Suddenly a territory is extended. It can only belong to the one called Doctor. Then some insects inject a pathogen into Yanagisawa and Murota. Everyone else goes off to search for the doctor responsible. While investigating the first floor, Kido encounters the Doctor without realizing it. He tells him someone is posing as a doctor and knowing that his cover is blown, Doctor paralyzes Kido and kills the nurse watching. Then he slits Kido's wrist.

Soon other doctors and Yusuke arrive. Luckily Kido was found fast enough that he'll be all right. Yusuke tries to go off to find the culprit, but Kido extends his territory and stops Yusuke with his shadow ability. Then with his shadow, Kido write with his blood "Kamiya," the name of the doctor who is responsible for the virus and hurting him. Doctor then kills everyone but Yusuke and Kido falls unconscious.

Yusuke and Doctor begin to battle, with Yusuke throwing many powerful blows. Doctor reveals that he has changed his body so he feels no pain and can't be knocked unconscious to stop his territory due to some changes he made to his body. He also reveals that he is making the insects infect people with a deadly virus. Yusuke must hurry to stop him or everyone will die, but even after blowing Dr. Kamiya's arm off with a blast of Yusuke's Rei (Spirit) Gun, the doctor can reattach it with his ability.

Meanwhile, Keiko and Shizuru enter the hospital, but are soon on the run from the insects. Botan, Kurama, Kaito, and Kuwabara also head to the hospital after seeing Yusuke's Rei (Spirit) Gun.

74. Sleep, Doctor, Sleep

Dr. Kamiya, or Doctor, has infected everybody in Daikyo Hospital with a deadly virus. It is up to Yusuke to find a way to stop Doctor's territory and save his friends. However, Doctor can't be knocked unconscious due to changes he made to his body and he has also tweaked himself so that he feels no pain, has greater athletic abilities, and can even reattach limbs. Killing Doctor might be Yusuke's only option.

Meanwhile, Shizuru and Keiko run into the elevator, but one insect tags along with them and injects Keiko with its poison. More insects get in the elevator and Shizuru drags Keiko along with her as she tries to escape. Kurama heads into the hospital alone and later saves Shizruru, Keiko, and Puu from the insects.

At the same time, Yusuke continues to fight Doctor. Yusuke can't bring himself to kill a human at first, but when he finally gets motivated and is about to fire his Rei (Spirit) Gun, the Doctor takes a nurse hostage. The captive nurse throws a liquid at Kamiya, blinding him mometarily. It was Yanagisawa in diguise! Doctor then says he'll give Yusuke the antidote to the virus if Yusuke spares his life. When Yusuke is about to take it, Murota appears and reveals that it's a trap and a lie by reading the doctor's thoughts. Yusuke and Genkai then corner the desperately trying to flee Doctor. Yusuke beats him to death, but then Genkai revives him so Yuske won't have killing a human on his conscious, which is a great relief to him. Everyone is cured of the disease and Kurama, Shizuru, Keiko, and Puu join with Yusuke, Genkai, Murota, Yanagisawa, Botan, Kuwabara, and Kaito.

75. Caught in the Rain

As Kuwabara and Yusuke eat lunch and discuss how Kamiya wanted to destroy all human kind, Botan comes rushing, bearing horrible news. Koenma further explains that the hole is a lot larger than they had original thought and there is only one week until it opens. He also reveals that Sensui's hideout must be in Irima Cave.

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan rush to get the others, now knowing the enemy's location, but Kuwabara begins to run off in the opposite direction. He and his friends are going to go to Megallica's Live Concert and there is no way he is missing it.

Back at Sensui's hideout, Itsuki is rapidly opening the gate. But they need someone still to cut through the subspace peripheral field. Sensui assures they will find him soon in an unexpected place.

In Spirit Realm, Kurama comes face to face with Koenma, revealing that Koenma knows the identity of the one opening the gate and is not telling them to go after him because he believes that the enemy is much more powerful than them.

Meanwhile at the Megallica Contest Seaman waits outside in the rain for his target. When Kuwabara and his friends leave the concert Sawamura disappears. A hand extends out of a puddle and attacks Kirishima, but Kuwabara blocks it. Seaman appears. He reveals how he can make liquid creatures by combining his blood with water.

Seaman was bullied and ignored all his life and now wants revenge on humanity by killing all humans. Kirishima, in a rage, charges at Seaman but is only attacked by the small water creature Seaman created. Kuwabara kicks the creature away from him, breaking it, but it quickly regenerates and sends a fury of blows at Kuwabara.

Seaman captures the last of Kuwabara's friends, Okubo, and without his spiritual powers, Kuwabara is powerless to stop him.

76. Kuwabara: Awakening

Genkai explains to Yusuke that Kuwabara's powers has not disappeared. It is just dormant. With a realization that the enemy may also know this, Yusuke and Botan rush off to find him.

Seaman, disgusted by Kuwabara's love and determination to save his friends, makes his creature suck in his friends into it's water body. Kuwabara shortly is captured inside the liquid beast as well. With no way to escape from inside Seaman's territory, unless Seaman is defeated, he is helpless inside the other dimension.

Slowly his friends Okubo, Kirishima, and Sawamura are drowning. Kuwabara continues to attack the wall of water to escape. A small amount of spirit power somehow crosses the dimension and lightly injures Seaman.

With a new awakened power, Kuwabara, the one Sensui's group has been searching for, the one with the power to cut through dimensions, slashes through Seaman's territory and cuts Seaman across the chest in the process.

When Kuwabara appears in front of Seaman, the boy is sure Kuwabara is going to finish him off, but instead he lifts him and his friends up, carrying them all to safety.

Sensui tells Sniper and Gourmet he has found the one who can cut through dimensions and it is time to borrow Toguro's powers. Gourmet then swallows Toguro's destroyed body.

Seaman awakens to find himself in a room with Kuwabara, Yusuke, and the others. His wounds have been treated. Kurama says he made Kuwabara's friends forget what happened to them the day before after they told them about him. Yusuke threatens Seaman that he is going to tell them what he knows.

Seaman says all humans should die and they would think the same after seeing a videotape called The Black Chapters, which chronicles all the most cruel and horrible things humans have done. He says all humans are just as horrible. Yusuke tells Seaman that he asked Kuwabara why he saved him and Kuwabara replied by saying that he looked like he was asking him to save him. Seaman breaks down and cries.

Kurama tells Yusuke that Koenma knows who the one behind opening the hole to Human and Demon Realm is. Using the Spirit Realm Television, Yusuke confronts Koenma about it. Koenma says he didn't want to believe who he suspected was behind it. But with The Black Chapters tape it is clear that Sensui Shinobu is behind the events. Sensui is a former Spirit Realm Detective but before he disappeared, around the time the tape did, he kept asking if humans were worth protecting and living.

Koenma warns Yusuke to be careful and tells him that he is coming to Human Realm.

77. Sensui's Fall

Koenma tells the story of Sensui to the others. Sensui was born with strong spiritual powers and was sought after by yokai and evil spirits. The last order Koenma gave him, an order to close up a tunnel that connected Demon Realm to Human Realm caused him to change his view on humanity. The tunnel was small and was the result of The Black Black Club. Sensui and his partner, Itsuki, were sent to stop Sakyo and his club, but what Sensui saw changed him. He saw humans torturing demons than killing them. In a rage all the humans there were slaughtered by Sensui. Soon after he began to show great interest in The Black Chapters videotape and began having doubts about mankind.

When Koenma finishes his story Yusuke and Kurama sense something. They find Sensui and another watching them. Sniper, the boy with Sensui, aims his dice at the other room where Mitarai (Seaman) is. But Kuwabara saves him just in time, knocking the boy to the floor. It's revealed that Sensui has been listening to them the whole time by a listening device planted on Mitarai.

Sensui tells Sniper to seize Kuwabara because he is the one with the Jigen-to (Dimensional Blade) they need to break down the field between Demon and Human Realm. Yusuke and Kuwabara encounter Sensui and Sniper and it is revealed that in only two days the hole will be complete. Kurama, Genkai, and Koenma join the showdown shortly. Koenma warns that Sensui can also store and shoot his spirit energy like Yusuke.

Yusuke rushes off toward Sensui to see for himself his opponent's power.

78. Divide and Conquer

Yusuke charges at Sensui to see for himself the power he possesses. Sensui easily blocks his punch and sends Yusuke flying with a round-house kick. Kurama says that Yusuke is fighting his weakness. Sensui doesn't dodge his attacks; he changes the course of his opponent's power and counterattacks. He uses that style Resshu-ken, a style of martial arts that is mainly footwork in which the upper body defends and the legs attack.

Mitarai tells Shizuru and Botan that Kuwabara is the one Sensui is after because he can cut down the barrier between Human and Demon Realm. When Botan tries to warn the others Sniper sends an assault of speeding marbles at her.

Sensui has created his own martial arts by combining Resshu-ken with his Reiki powers, Reikoresshu-ken. He forms a ball of purple energy and kicks it, sending his Resshu Kokyu-ha (Splitting Kick Crimson Ball Wave) at what appears to be Kuwabara, Kurama, Koenma, and Genkai. The blast's path quickly changes and instead slams into the an apartment building near Yusuke's. Shizuru, on her way down to warn the others about Kuwabara is injured and staled from telling them Sensui's true motives.

Yusuke tells the others to see what happened to the girls and Mitarai while he defeats Sensui. Yusuke fakes a punch and then uses his speed to throw a real punch, but his attack is yet again blocked and countered by another powerful kick. Sensui runs off into a crowd of people with Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama on his trail.

Keiko finds Shizuru and is told to warn the others so Kuwabara won't be captured. The girl rushes off to find the others.

The boys are lead into a large building by Sensui. Yusuke is finally able to block and dodge Sensui's blows. Yusuke catches one of Sensui's kicks and is about to unleash his Reikodan but is hit by Sensui's other leg, stopping Yusuke's attack.

Kuwabara summons his energy to unleash his new skill but is only able to summon his Rei-ken (Spirit Sword). Nonetheless Kuwabara charges, but his blow is also blocked and countered. Kurama attacks with his Rosewhip, but Sensui dodges, leading them back into the city where Kurama can't use his whip.

Sensui runs off with Yusuke and Kuwabara following, but Sniper blocks Kurama from also pursuing. Keiko catches up with Kurama, trying to warn him about Kuwabara, but Sniper fires at her. Puu takes the blow, saving her.

As Kuwabara runs up the parking garage after Sensui and Yusuke he runs into someone's territory. Gourmet appears, his fingers stretch and constrict Kuwabara. Kuwabara's scream stops Yusuke's fight with Sensui. Sensui jumps onto the car Game Master is driving, making his get-away with Kuwabara. Yusuke shoots a huge Rei-gun to stop them but a small ball of Sensui's stops it.

Yusuke hops on a bike and begins to pedal like mad after Kuwabara, in hope of rescuing him.

79. The Human Race

Game Master drives through the streets with the captured Kuwabara causing many accidents. Yusuke follows closely behind on a bicycle with Sniper hot on his trail.

Meanwhile, back at Yusuke's apartment, Genkai and Koenma find Botan pinned under a bookshelf from having pushed Mitarai out of the way. Genkai heals Botan's wounds and then heals Shizuru, who Kurama and Keiko found badly injured. Mitarai is still confused why anyone would help him, but Kurama explains that not all people are evil like shown in the Black Chapters video.

Sensui explains to Kuwabara that they aren't going to kill him yet. He is going to join their side and he is going to perfect his ability. And when he has served his purpose he, too, will be eaten by Makihara, just like Elder Toguro, and his ability will be obtained.

When Yusuke has just about caught up with Sensui and the others, he is hot down by Sniper. Sniper unleashes his territory and marks Yusuke with his Shinman Juji-han ("Death Crest Cross Spots"). Hagiri Kaname or Sniper, tells Yusuke that with the targets he put on Yusuke he will not miss.

When Shizuru awakens, she apologizes for not being able to warn everyone that Sensui and his group were after Kuwabara. Mitarai further explains that Kuwabara is key to Sensui's plans because he can cut the field over the hole to Demon Realm, allowing A and S class demons to enter. Kurama, Genkai, Koenma, and Botan go after Yusuke in order to help. Mitarai decides he'll walk the same path as them.

As Yusuke hunts for Sniper he is attacked by blades of grass and rocks. Yusuke easily knocks them aside. For a third round Yusuke is targeted by an onslaught of knives.

80. Moving Target

Yusuke shots the knives coming towards him with his shotgun, but misses two. He catches the remaining two right before they meet their target. Yusuke realizes that it's a game of endurance while Hagiri keeps his distance.

Kurama, Genkai, Botan, and Mitarai head to Mushiyori Station where they are going to meet Yanagisawa and Kaito and then head to Irima Cave. Koenma announces he is going back to Spirit Realm to make countermeasures incase the hole is opened.

Yusuke tries to get out of Sniper's territory. He sees a truck on the highway and hopes he can get a ride. But to Yusuke's surprise there is no driver. The truck is another projectile Sniper has sent after him. Yusuke runs from the truck with it in hot pursuit. As he continues to run, Sniper, from a top a hill, shots the truck causing it to explode behind Yusuke.

Hiei saves Yusuke, but Sniper isn't too pleased and begins shooting at the fire apparition. Hiei is too quick and easily dodges the attacks. He trusts his blade into Hagiri, but Hagiri grabs him and aims his gun at Yusuke. Hiei slashes Sniper and he falls to the ground and appears to be dead.

Yusuke says he must hurry to rescue Kuwabara, but Hiei draws his sword at him, saying Kuwabara was an idiot for getting captured. They began to fight. They are equally matched, throwing back and forth punches. When they pause Hiei reveals he was testing Yusuke and wanted to get him out of his rage, saying he couldn't beat Sensui how he was.

Hiei refuses to come with Yusuke to stop Sensui, but when Yusuke says he'll give him the Black Chapters videotape he changes his mind. Just then two low class demons appear, revealing that Mushiyori City is now in stage three. Hiei says that he has found another reason why he will help Yusuke: He doesn't want to deal with stupid low class demons. They easily take the demons down and meet the others at Irima Cave.

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