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2011 Updates

June 19, 2011

Hey, guys! I am really in a YYH mood since I been working on my Kurama cosplay! So I translated two more songs: Kurama's "Sayonara wa Mirai no Hajimari" and Keiko and Yusuke's duet, "Omoide wo Tsubasa ni Shite." If anyone sees any mistakes in my translations, please let me know! There are sooo many more songs to translate! I also went through the galleries and removed screencaps since we plan to take screencaps from every episode in the future. And I added some new images and replaced some images with higher quality ones. Ryoko has more images to add too! Ryoko also added some of the Japanese DVD scans to the art scan gallery! So check those out

May 28, 2011

I have scanned up all the official American playing cards and they are now available in the Art Scans section. Also the Lyrics section has been reorganized a little, and Yami has translated Keiko's Yell and Kuwabara and Yukina's duet, Roketto Hanabi no Love Song. Also layout 2.0 has been added to the Past Layout section.

February 12, 2011

Haven't updated in a long time! But I retranslated Yusuke's All Right. It was absolutely awful! I am sure the other translations are just as horrible. So it is a lot better now, since I actually been taking Japanese classes for a few years! I'll retranslate some more songs later! I also added a cosplay photo!

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