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2010 Updates

July 28, 2010

Hello all! I wanted to let everyone know that the U.S. manga scans over in the scan department are complete up to volume 17, and the Manga guide is also complete up to that volume. Thanks for Reiwave for volume 6 scans! The summaries will come later. Also, thanks to Reiwave there are new Calendar scans of the 2005 Japanese calendar. The Cosplay section has under gone a little organization make over as well. Last week I attended Comic Con and briefly met Justin Cook (Yusuke's voice actor), who was talking to a DBZ fan behind me. Well, until next time, enjoy the site!

March 21, 2010

Hey, everyone! Long time to see! Well, college has been keeping us both very busy! But I managed to squeeze in an update over spring break. Yuurei has been kind enough to submit her finished coloring page. It can now be viewed in the Coloring Page section in Just For Fun. I also added scans of the fronts, sides, and backs of manga volumes 16 and 17. Furthermore, we have a new section. We have been wanting to add this sections for years but never did. I added a screen Capture Section and it has new screencaptures of the new Picture Drama recently released on the Japanese blueray addition of YYH box set one. Hope you enjoy it! Also I just added manga chapter summaries for chapters 18-21. : )

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