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2009 Updates

October 7, 2009

I added a new affiliate, Crystalline Darling. We also have two new sibling fanlistings. One for the relationship between Botan and Yusuke and one for the Relationship between Yusuke and Genkai.

We have some new art scans of the Pierrot 30th Anniversary artboard, clear folder files, bookmarks, and playing cards! Thanks Reiwave for the scans!

CD guides are still down! Sorry. I am currently working on the summaries for the third YYH manga volume. Hopefully I'll have time to finish those soon.

August 20, 2009

Hey, guys. Well, we finished the new layout as you know. We have a few new things. I added a new fanart and I added the new Japanese Trading cards scans. They were scanned by Reiwave! Thanks so much! They are quite nice! I want them! Also I added layout version 4 to the Past layout section.

August 18, 2009

We have a large update that we just undertook! First off, we completely updated the layout. Yami made the images and I encoded it. We reorganized sections for convenience on our part. Summaries for the second volume of the manga was added. The manga and anime guide sections got a complete facelift. Now the manga guide shows the front, back, and spine covers, as well as chapter names and a link to the summaries. The anime guide displays a picture of the cover of each volume, episode titles, summaries links, release information, and other relevant information. We have two new sections including "Past Layouts" and "Art Scans." So far we only have the manga and anime covers in this section, but in the future more will be added. Overall, you will notice that some images were dropped and that there are less pages to get to certain pages. For example, this is most evident in the "Lyrics" section. Also the galleries now have less pages, because dial up is near obsolete and now computers can easily load more than 10 pictures at a time.

CD guides are temporarily down, but will be back soon!

Please check out the update section for exciting Yu Yu Hakusho news!

August 10, 2009

I added a new affiliate, Totally Obsessed. I also went through the links and affiliates and deleted the dead links. I never updated saying this but I finished the Voice Actor Section!

The Koenma fanlisting, Crowned Prince, which is apart of Smile Bomb! has a new layout. I really need to make a new layout for this site one day and fix it...

April 9, 2009

So I finally gotten around to adding some things! I added a new fanart by Green Kitsune and I added two new gifts to our gift section.

We are going to be 5 years old soon! I will try to fix the layout and update more often because of the anniversary.

For those who are going to SakuraCon in Seatle, Washington, Sasaki Nozomu is going to be a guest of honor! I am so sad I can not go! I could have asked him questions or at least got his autograph! And I just noticed how incomplete and messed up the Voice Actor section is...

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