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2006 Updates

November 21, 2006

Now that it is Thanksgiving break I can update! OKay! Big update! I have added pictures to the galleries. 4 new pictures have been added to duo, 21 pictures to other characters, and 23 pictures to group. I also have new episode guides. They are episodes 75 to 78. And some new Genkai and Toguro quotes have been added to the quotes section. Well, that is all for now! Enjoy!

November 10, 2006

Sorry for being late this month. School is a bear this year! Well, we have a new quote and picture of the month. The new song is Gleam Yami ni Hikaru. It's sung by Touya. Two new gifts. We also have six new wallpapers by Tayla and I reviewed Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tatics in the Video Games section. Next time hopefully I can add episode guide and more images to the galleries!!

October 22, 2006

So what's new in the world? Well, first off we added some News. There is also new fanart. It's gorgeous! We have a new rumor. I realized when answering it that I need to rewatch YYH....I have gone through all our links. Getting rid of dead links and updating others. The links section got a makeover to boot. Man, all the YYH sites are dying! But I promise we won't!

September 16, 2006

Sorry we are kind of late. We been so busy with school! AP classes are killer! We have a bunch of new quotes and two new wallpapers. And we have a new quote of the month and picture of the month. We also have a new song in the Music section. It's Kurama's song Sayonara wa Mirai no Hajimari. Hopefully on the next update we will have more to put up! >.<

August 2, 2006

We have eight new wallpapers from Tayla. I also added a bunch of new pictures to the gallery sections of Doujinshi, Hiei, Duos, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Yusuke. We also have a new affiliate: Kohaku Hoshi. We have a new quote and picture of the months.

Notice:We're going to be gone for over two weeks on vacation. We will not be updating in that time. However you can still send anything in. We just will be unable to reply to it or put it up for several weeks. I hope everyone else has fun on their vacations too!

July 28, 2006

Wow! We have a lovely new layout by Shuichi!!!! Thanks so much! We love it! Recoding was a bear though...but it looks more professional!! We have added two new cosplay photos we took at Anime Expo. There's new fanart and a new fanfic by Hiei/is/2/Hot! And we put up two new gifts from PuppyInuyasha. We added new information to rumor section which was submitted in by Kitty. There will be more soon! Before we go on a over two week trip to Ireland! We want a sword with our coat of arms on it!!!

July 7, 2006

First off, Happy Late 4th of July! We have a ton of two quotes and a new wallpaper, which were submitted by Tayla. Also there is a new fanart by Rose. And then we remodeled the updates section. Now its categorized by year. Well, there isn't much else new at this point. There will be more soon though. However, we are busy with hobbies and we need to stop neglecting our other site! ^-^() hehe

And as I remember, please STOP spamming the guestbook! It is for guests to sign about our site. A little "I was here" thing. Please don't give me an update about your site; send me an email. And don't send me a petition to get YYH back on TV through the guestbook; again email me. I will only delete these types of signings, since there is a limit to the number of signings allowed. Thank you.

June 29, 2006

An update before we leave to Anime-Expo tomorrow. There's four new summaries in the episode guide of episodes 71-74. Yay! We're getting them done! There's a new wallpaper sent in by Michael. Also the fanfiction section got a make over. We're trying to fix up the pages for a more professional look. Some pages still have a hint of geocities from the original pages of two years ago. We added some fanart too. And there by US! Its truly amazing. We're getting all YYH hyper. One's by me, Ryoko and the others a collaboration between me and Yami. They are so much better looking than our old art!

Well, that's it, but while at Anime-Expo we're be on the look for anything YYH!

June 24, 2006

Yes! School is out! Well, we have a bunch of new quotes and some new links. I also added one picture in Hiei Gallery, three in Duos, and two in Groups. We have a new quiz: The Girl for You! Yay! So check it out. We also have four new episode summaries: episodes 67-70. Let me tell you if was a pain to get the pictures for this one. It took forever for the DVD to play on our computer, but finally after tossing and lots of screaming on our part it worked. We also have a new quote, picture, and song of the month. The song is Kokoro wo Tsunaide, Unite Your Hearts!

May 20, 2006

I am sorry for having such a slow update this month; I was really busy. I'm sorry! Well, the new song of the month is Tsumuji Kaze de Furai Auei, Jin's song! I added the new quote and picture of the month as well. We also have three new fanarts from Hyzenblahy and a new gift for our Two year Anniversary from Puppy Inuyasha. We have two new episode guides of Episodes 14 and 15. We also have some new quotes.

April 29, 2006

Massive update!! We have six new avatars, a new wallpapaer, eight new fanarts, and new lovely button all made by Mystical P-chan. Thank you so much! : ) We love the button!!!! We also have three more chapters of Left in the Darkness in the romance section of fanfiction. And we have one new award and two gifts. And finally we added the Memorial CD BOX to the CD guides. We got the CD collection for Christmas and have had it half finish since then. But finally we finished it! And we added a quote to the Quote section. I'll have the new quote, picture, and song of the month up on the next update.

Next month is the Two Year Anniversary of Smile Bomb! The party is starting!!! : D

March 31, 2006

New stuff for the month! We added the new song to Music; Moonlight Party, the new picture of the month and the new quote of the month. We also have two new affiliates: Lady_Jun and Otaku_Tenshi14. Ryoko added a bunch of YYH sites to Links and Yami did two more episode guides; episodes 24 and 25.

March 10, 2006

Hello all! It's a new month! Well, we have a lovely new gift from Puppyinuyasha and we also have a new fanart from Leviatha9. Welcome a new affiliate ,Favourites! It's a Spanish Yu Yu Hakusho site. They have some great stuff. I added the past contest entries to the Hall of Fame. Ryoko and I are trying to think of a new Contest Theme....hmm... We hope you are enjoying the new sections: Music and Quotes!

February 16, 2006

Wow! A new Layout. Green, my favorite color. ^^ Ryoko made it. Sorry the new layout took uh...two weeks to put up. It was a very long process of changing all the HTML to PHP. If you know website stuff you know what I'm talking about. Well, we have some new sections: Quotes and Music. Yes, a music section! Every month a new song will be available. We hope you enjoy that. The quote section is some quotes from the English version of Yu Yu Hakusho. We will be adding more quotes to it as time goes by. I also got the new picture and quote of the month up. But I'll probably leave them up until April. I added a new fanart by Leviatha9 and two new gifts. I also added some more information to Voice Actors. Later on I will add this last contest to Hall of Fame.

Ryoko and I just finished watching Full Moon wo Sagashite. It such a good anime! I heard Viz got it. Oh, goodie.....

January 15, 2006

We are still alive! Sorry for the late update. School has been killing us. Finals are coming up. >.< I'm scared! Well, we have a new fanfiction in the Romance section called Left in Shadows. We also have five new gifts and new cosplay images of Kurama-Chan and Hiei/is/2/Hot cosplaying! I fixed some links too, since some links addresses have changed. I'm sorry for not putting a new Quote and Picture of the Month up, but it's just too late in the month to change it to only have to change it again in February. Also the contest voting is still going on. And...

THANKS FOR 10,000 HITS!!!!!

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