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2005 Updates

December 26, 2005

Wow! Christmas has come and gone so fast! I hope everyone got what they wanted. ^^ I know we did. Merry late Xmas everyone!

Well we have a bunch of new gifts in the Award and Gift section for this Christmas from our affiliates. We also have a new fanfiction called Dimension: Unknown; it's located in the Comedy section of Fanfiction. I also closed the contest. We broke a record with this contest; seven entries! Wahoo! Thank you for all that entered. ^^ The contest voting has begun so vote for the art piece you believe should win!

December 11, 2005

I added two new episode summaries, episode 22. Lamenting Beauty, and 23. The Toguro Brothers Gang. We have two new affiliates, The Phantom Spider and Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Knights. Also the contest has been extended, so if you're going to enter do it soon!!!

December 03, 2005

It's almost Xmas!!! Yay! Okay, so I added my fanfic, which I finally finished, On the Line. I'm so proud of it. There is also new fanart by Keira and Leviatha9. New affiliates, Hiei's Fire Domain,, The Colour of Conceit, and Bleeding Rose. Also two new awards/gifts! Monthly Quote and Picture of the month has been changed, too. Go check it all out.

Novemeber 26, 2005

A lots new this time! Yay! We moved Smile Bomb! to our own domain! And this wasn't just a spur of the moment decision. It has been in our minds for months! We also added and edited a bunch of stuff with the move. Contact got a make over. There's a new Fanfic, Legendary Thorn and new fanart by Hiei/is/2/Hot and Keira. There's also new doujinshi by Hiei/is/2/Hot and Rose. So check it out. We have a new gift for Thanksgiving from Puppyinuyasha. We have two new affiliates, Hiei's Fire Domain and Daydream Generation. This might not seem like a lot but the move took forever! Anyway, we hope you enjoy all that's new. There should be more new stuff in the following weeks!

Novemeber 12, 2005

Wow! It has been so weird lately we keep getting new affiliates and fan stuff! YAY!! Well, we have four, yes we said four, new affiliates: Yu Yu Hakusho Realm, Yasashi, Migoto Kitsune, and YuYuTopia9. We also have new fanart by Leviatha9; a lovely Koenma drawing and a Jin picture. :) Thank you! So don't miss out! Go have a lookiez. Yami also got the group gallery up. Wow! That took F-O-R-E-V-E-R!! >.< But I hope you guys enjoy! ^^ We also organized the links in alphabetical order and found out that some sites have gone six feet under. *sniff sniff* Flowers of Blood... I loved that site. It had such great stuff! But Maze Castle is gone that perked our spirits a little. I'm sorry if there are some people who will miss it we just won't be one of them. We also contacted a bunch of affiliates and told them to put us up as affies like they should had done a long time ago. If you affiliate to a site you are suppose to advertise that site in return for them advertising you. Well, I hope you guys have a nice weekend!

And don't forget about the contest!!! Enter!!!

Novemeber 7, 2005

We have two new fanarts by Hyzenblahy and new wallpapers from her. Thank you so much! We also have more fanart from Leviatha9! Thank you guys. That's what keeps YYH alive in our hearts! The new quote and picture of the month is up as well and we are on more topsites so vote, vote, vote! lol. :)

Important!! Since we switched from MSN to COX we no longer have our stored messengers and unfortunately don't have emails with the name and email address of the contest contestants. So if you guys would please resend your submission we would most appreciate it. Send to: or

October 29, 2005

A lot of new things have been added recently. Let's see....A new fanfic called Here to Eternity by Cody has been added. The fanart section had more submissions. One new art piece by Rose and three by Leviatha9. We added a two new gifts in awards/gifts. I put up a new lyric. It's Yusuke's TOUGH. We also have a new affiliate Peach-Jello! Happy Halloween everyone!!!

October 13, 2005

Finally I'm updating! Is it not amazing? You've been seeing a lot of Yami, huh? Okay so let's see...the quote and picture of the month were changed a while ago. After- what a year?- a new caption page has been added. We went song crazy on it. Hehe ^__^. In our editing sphear we finally edited site history. I put all the rest of the chapters of Every Fangirl's Dream up too-finally! It was so hard to find the fanfic and I had to combine chapters, so be warned: chapter 1 and 2 are different than they used to be. Well, I'm beat for today. All that coding...New updates are planned soon. So stay tuned. Hasta luego.

September 27, 2005

We have two new fanarts by Hiei/is/2/Hot and one new fanart by Rose!! I also put all the contest fanart in the fanart section since Ryoko kept nagging me to do it. ^^ Well, we don't have any new sections put yet but as soon as one as us has time!! So much homework in high school; it's unhealthy!

September 15, 2005

We have a new affialiate, Yuu Yuu Hakusho Forever Fornever!!! We also have a new fan art, submitted by Rose. And someone submitted a colored coloring book page. ^^ Thank you! But I don't know what you want to be called. If you read this please send me an email. I also got the Other Character Gallery up! It has pictures of Botan, Jin, Koenma, and some other characters. The girls are in the beginning of the gallery mostly. By the way I edited the Character Biographies and changed some of the pictures. Still have some sections to go. We just don't have the time to do them very fast. We're sorry. We're trying.

September 4, 2005

We have a new affiliate Puppy Inuyasha 311. So check out the site. We also have a new submission to YKYWTMYYHW from Rose. Also new pic and quote of the month are up. Sorry, but no new pages have been edited except for some lyric pages. School has been killing us and taking all our time. Blame the teachers and evil homework. We will try to get them up as fast as we can though!

August 20, 2005

I didn't get Art as my elective yet again. Why am I not surprised....? Anyway...

We have a new contest so check it out! We also have a new section in Just for Fun called "YKYWTMYYHW..." Thank you Yuyu_Princess_411 for your submission. I'm sorry it took so long to get up.

Our edits and changes continue. The remaining sections to do are: Contact, Site History, Character Bios, Couples, Lyrics, and Voice Actors. We are also going to redraw the crossdressing section. We're getting there...

August 5, 2005

Wow! Summer's almost gone all ready! I can't believe it. Soon evil school will start again. >.< Let's just enjoy the rest while we can.

The contest has ended. I will be notifying the contestants shortly. Thank you for everyone who entered!

Well, I got the cosplay section up! Yay! We also got a new fanart by Rose and a new fanfiction in General by IrishWoodDweller. And, of course, the new Monthly quote and Monthly picture is up.

Our edits and changes is going pretty well. The remaining sections to do are: Contact, Site History, Character Bios, Manga, Episode Guides, Couples, Just for Fun, Contests, Rumors, Lyrics, and Voice Actors. That seems like half of them still...It's taking a while due to having so many pages to reread. But we should be done shortly.

July 23, 2005

Yay! We finally have a new layout! It's been a whole year since we made a new one. Well, I made a new one. This time it's theme is the final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. I hope you like 'cause I do!

We have some new stuff. We have the full version of the English song Smile Bomb. We also have a new CD guide up since we bought a new YYH CD while at Comic Con. We also got the newly released (Japan only) YYH artbook! So expect some scans from that in the future. We have a new affilate Unmei no Kizuna! So make sure to check out her site! We also got rid of some broken links; namely affiliates who sites have mysteriously vanished.

We're going to go through every page on the site; making edits, changes, and updates soon. The cosplay section is new but doesn't link no where yet. We are still working on it.

July 11 , 2005

Breathes in a deeply. Wow. I'm done! I got the contest up and ready for the voting! Hurray for me!

We are going to Comic Con all this week! So Buh-Bye! Maybe I can find some Detective Conan stuff. Heh, hehWHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!

July 4 , 2005

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well we got some new stuff in Just for Fun! We have a quiz! I worked so hard and long at it. I never knew how long they took to make. >.< It's a love quiz, find your soul mate thing. I haven't made the version with the girls so sorry guys. I will soon though! We also have a coloring book in Just for Fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures! And another chapter of Without You is up! Yay! New picture and quote of the month are up, too!

I'll get the contest stuff ready to vote real soon. It'll take awhile but I will get it up!

June 29, 2005

A rather large update. Okay, how to start...Well, first we have a new sister Makai Nights. We added the "Rumors" section. There is a new award and a new fanart. I'm so grateful to Makai Nights for giving us an Excellent Site Award! The fanart is by Yami and really cute! I fixed a bunch of broken links and resized some wallpapers so they upload faster. I also edited the sites layout, which you might notice. Oh, and the forum's dead. The host doesn't host any longer so we got rid of the link. I also added Hoomuwaaku ga Owaranai to Opening and Ending Lyrics. I finally put the translation up. That's it for now! :)

June 20 , 2005

I prolonged the contest since I know some people are still working on their entries. It will now end on July 1.

We have a new affilate Kokuei. Yay! I also put up a new gallery. Everyone wanted more so I put another one up. It's a duo gallery. Enjoy!

Ryo and me are going on a vacation for a few days. We get to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Grand Cayon. So we won't be updating in the time we are gone. See ya guys later!

June 12 , 2005

Hello everyone! School's almost out! Yes! Only sad thing is I won't see some of my friends again. We are going to different schools... I'll miss them a lot.

Well, this site isn't about me it's about YYH! We have some updates! There have been 3 more pictures added to fanart drawn by Hiei/is/2/Hot. We have a new gift from Rose; it's so pretty! We also have a new Doujinshi done by Rose. It's funny. You should laugh. And I finally did the video guide! It has all the names of the volumes and episodes they contain with a link to the few summaries we have. Hopefully more summaries will be up in the summer.

By the way, the contest is nearing it's close! Better start sending in those fanarts and fanfics fast before it's too late!

May 30, 2005

Wow! Large update. We have a new affilate, Prince Charming. It's a Koenma fanlisting and mini shrine. Who doesn't love the toddler? We also have a new link with Rei-Gan. Oh, and the pic of the month and quote has been changed. We have a new poll as well. I'm sure people were getting tied of the other one.

Chapter Two of Without You is up. We also have two new poems: Red Fox and You(Hiei and I). We have two new fanart by Hiei/is/2/Hot as well! One of them is Genkai. Nice job on her!

Ryoko finally got around to summaries. The YYH first movie summary is up. So if you haven't seen the movie and want to know what it's about, check it out.

Woohoo! We finally got our braces off!!!! Yes! 2 years of tortue and now they're off! We're so happy. :) We don't have that fence around our teeth anymore. But it looks strange; we have straight teeth!

May 24, 2005

Small update! We have a new fanfiction called Without You by Meiko! Meiko returns to the fanfic world! Yay! He also have a new link, Faith. It's a Keiko site. Finally there is one dedicated to the girl. We also have added some other links. They're some of the old favorite YYH sites.

Make sure you start sending in your submissions for the contest! We need fanfiction sunmissions!

May 14 , 2005

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating in a while! Our computer got a virus so it had to go to the computer hospital until it got better. Now it's better and running again. We had to restart it though and put all our documents and programs on it again.

Well, anyway we got tons of new fanarts by Hiei/is/2/Hot! Thanks so much. We also have a new gift from her. It's so pretty! And Ryoko has a new fanart, so check it out.

Big news! Smile Bomb! is having it's Year Anniversary! Yay! It has gone is fast. I can't believe SB has been up a year. But some things that were on the "SB to do List" last year are still on it...>.< We'll try to get more fun stuff up! More Lyrics and Galleries too! Maybe I'll finish my Jin Doujinshi. Hmm...

April 28 , 2005

If you were wondering why Smile Bomb was down for a few days it's because moved servers. Since that time it was hacked Elly's been saying she was going to change servers, so it finally happened. Just wanted to clue you guys in to what that error warning was.

Hey, guys if you haven't, you all need to see the YYH volume 30. You're totoally missing out on some great episodes. In this volume Koto, Jin, Shishiwakimaru (that's a mouth full), Chu, Rinku, Touya, and the Beautiful Suzuka (Suzuki) make a reappearance in another tournament. This time the battle's over who's going to be King of Demon World!

Well anyways we have some updates. We have a new fanfiction (yay!); Jin lovers check it out. We also have a new doujinshi or fan comic made by Hiei/is/2/Hot. Thank you very much you two for your submissions. Gleam~ Yami ni Hikari has been put up in lyrics. Finally I finished the Smile Bomb version 3 and Daydream Generation galleries! >.< Verson 3 took a while.

Sighs, evil SAT9 is starting soon. I got a test in science, history, English, and Algebra 1. I hope I do well! May 2 testing starts; oh the Horror...

April 17, 2005

We have a new contest up! ^^ Its theme is music and dance. The old contest winners were announced a while back and are featured in "contests". We have a new poll and a new fanart. The second chapter to Every FanGirl's Dream is up. And the next page of the Sex Ed Doujinshi is up!

March 30 , 2005

WOW! The contest is over! Ryoko finished one of the avatars. I still haven't contacted Kohaku, need to find her email address.

I put the fanfictions in the fanfiction section. I also added some new links. They're some of the old, classic YYH sites. I edited the contact section too. Oh and we have some new topsites. So vote for us!

March 13 , 2005

Yo, everyone, small update. We got a new fanart by Rose! YAY! I also finished the Game section. Man, the contest is neck in neck, no one really has a lead as of yet.

I been reading some of the mangas for the Rising Stars of Manga 5 competition. I'm going to vote for my favorite. Of the one's I read I like Blue Phoenix: No Quarter, Make Believe, and Baggage. I'm going to read all of them before I vote. You guys should go to too and vote as well!

*Edit* I noticed I put the wrong picture up for Tournament Tatics, so I changed it. I also added some pics from the game. OH and finally got a doujinshi submission!!! Thank you ROSE!!!!!!!

March 5 , 2005

HELLO!!! Ok, first off the new quote and pic of the month is up! I also finally got the contest stuff up. On the Home page there are the links for the submissions. You guys vote for your favorite ones there, kk. The final three chapters of Hunted have been added, along with 2 more doujinshi pics in the galleries. I also made the YYH Game section.

February 22, 2005

I just watched the new YYH volume so I added the Daydream Generation English lyrics to lyrics and I edited the Japanese version. I also added a new Sister, As Darkness, and a new gift from Kohaku. EDIT:One from Foxy too! I'll update some fanfics soon. I just wanted to get those things up. I'm so busy with a deadline.

February 11 , 2005

Long time no see, huh. Sorry for the late update, been real busy. >.< So many reports and basketball. (cries) Evilness... We played a game against another school. We lost so bad, they were a lot taller, bigger, meaner. They really kicked our butts...and they hurt my teammates! They scratched me, one girl with her big body slammed her butt into my throat/colar bone. It really hurt, I couldn't breathe well for a while, either. And she then slamed into me and hurt my back. :( And they hurt my friends and made fun of them because they're not so tall. After a while the cheerleaders gave up on us because we were getting murdered. Heck, most of us gave up, we didn't stand a ghost of a chance.

Last month flied by didn't it? I changed the monthly pic and quote. And I also did some galleries!!! We now have the Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara galleries finally up! We also have some new fanarts by Kohaku. So check them out! Oh, by the way Winter Contest is continueing, six more weeks of winter. Didn't get any submissions...:(

January 26, 2005

Small update from me. Just wanted to make you all sure I'm alive. School's a killer. Okay, first, there are two new fanfics, Reality Check and Eternal Flower in Romance. There's two new fanarts and a new avatar, which is like my new one.

January 16 , 2005

Sorry it took so long to update. ^^;;; I have had a lot of homework lately and the deadlines are coming up in journalism. I have to do 2 pages for the yearbook and do the comic for the newspaper!>.< But anyway we have some new stuff.

I put a new CD guide up. I also added two avatars to avatars in gallery. One was made by me, the other by Ryoko. I also added Utsukushi Sugite...(Too Beautiful...)in lyrics. It's Suzuki's song. Does anyone know his Japanese voice actor???? I don't have the volumes on DVD that he appeared in so I can't find out...

Oh yeah. For this month a new quote and pic of the month has been added. And there's a new poll. And we have a new sister, Shattered Dreams!

Yes, I made myself a new button. I like Juri, she's pretty.

January 1 , 2005

Happy New Year! Time to start those New Year Resolutions! Wow! This is my first post for this year! Okay. I added two new sections; awards and site history. We also have a new sister, Yasashisa Wa Nemuranai! Oh yeah YYH news has been updated. And I put up my info in the About Us section, finally...(Ryoko added her about us section too.)

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