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2005 Updates

December 26, 2004

Chirstmas came and went fast I think. But I had fun. Got a lot of things I wanted to! (laughs)I put up the new layout snice Xmas is over. Please start submitting art or stories for the contest!!!! Please! (begs) Please!!!! *Ahem* That's I did. Now I'm going to go watch the rest of Orphen! ^^Byes!

December 22, 2004

We're going to update together! Wow! Christmas is so close now! So Merry Christmas! Anyway. We have two new affiliates: Anime: What's there to hate? and Totally Obssessed. So check out these two sites. ^__^ There are two new fanarts by Rose and a fanfic, also by her. We also put a new lyric up. The lyrics to Tsumuji Kaze de Fly Away (Fly away on the Whirlwind) in English and Japanese Romanji. Which the case with all our lyrics. Also chapter 2 of Roses by the beach was edited. Sorry again Meiko...So, anyway, enjoy! ^__^

December 12, 2004

Small update. I got the chibi gallery up! They're all so kawaii (cute)!!! It took me forever to cut them out. -.- But I somehow managed. ^-^ So be sure to take a look at all the cuties. Oh yeah, chapter one of Roses on the Beach was edited. It really needed it. Sorry Meiko but...

Please start submitting some arts or fics for the contest. You guys will be voting on which ones should win!!!

December 8, 2004

I put up a new layout. Christmassy! I hope you guys like. Also I added puzzles to the Just for Fun. Jigsaw puzzles are there. I hope you find them fun. And you don't have to download them! I put up some episode guides, too. (Finally!) Also don't forget to check out the contest! ^^

December 3

I got the winter contest finally up! So start making those entries!!! I also fixed the Unbalanced Kisses gallary. I had forgotten to crop off the black edges before. But now it's right. I also got the Smile Bomb version 2 gallery up. But I shortly found out that SM version 3 is being showned in the anime. So I have to make version three now. -.- I guess I'll do that soon...

November 23, 2004

This is just a small update. I put the background music up and put some real avatars in the gallary. I am quite proud of the avatars I made. ^-^ Oh and just a reminder: The next volume of YYH comes out to day, the start of the Three Kings saga. Yay. I'm going to start the epguides with this saga and the movies. Hopefully I'll have the epguides up soon. -_-.

November 14, 2004

I have added a new fanart to our growing collection. Be sure to check it out. I also made a new wallpaper. It has Jin on it. So if your a fan of the Wind Master, you may want to take a look. Oh yeah I also fixed wallpapers. Before now you couldn't click into them. Sorry about that. ^^; I finally got the Unbalanced Kisses gallery up. I'll try to add more galleries soon.

November 9, 2004

Okay. Long time no update from me. So first off I redid the enter/index page. It looks a lot better. The link page was also changed. That looks better too. The new sisters are in the sister thing now, my sis left me to put them up. How nice. I also fixed the shooter. And lastly we have a new fanfic, Somebody's Somebody (its in romance) and a new chapter of Hunted (in action/adventure). That's it for now. I'll update over the holiday more. ^_~

November 5, 2004

Dude, I finally have a break from homework over load. But more tests next week! >.< Have to study! I even had a lot of HW on my birthday, November 2! But Halloween was fun. I got to dress up as Kikyo from Inuyasha! And we had our birthday party on halloween!

*Ahem* Anyways I announced the winner for the Halloween contest. It's in contests by the way. I also changed the pic and quote of the month, if you haven't noticed. Plus we have some new sisters. So check out their sites! ^-~

October 27, 2004

Yo! Dudes! WE got some new stuff today! We have three new fanarts in the fan art section! They're all very lovely pictures but I wish I would recieve art from other people. I only get art from the same people!! Come on!

We also have a new CD section added for the Vocal Collection YYH CD. So go and check that out. Oh, yeah. time to laugh! I finally got up the outtakes in the Out take section of Just for Fun! So what are you guys waiting for!!

The Halloween Contest ends on the 30 so if you guys want to send anything in you better do it fast!!!!

October 16, 2004

Hi, again! I added a new section to our little site. It's a CD guide. It says what songs are on the CDs. But of course I haven't finished it. I don't own all the CDs so I have to find out what songs are on them. But we have 2 CD lists now so check them out. I also added The Sun Will Shine Again gallery in opening and ending galleries. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Oh, and by the way, I would really like to get some submissions for the Halloween contest. I have only recieved one so far. I wish you guys would send some in. I know we don't give out prizes like Maze Castle but could be fun. So please enter!!!

October 13, 2004

I finally updated! I've been so busy! Okay I added two new lyrics in opening/endings, Daydream Generation and Sayonara wa Iwanai. I also added a bit in creator. A picture of Yoshihiro Togashi and reference.

October 2, 2004

I sorry I haven't updated in such a long time! But School has made me really busy!!! Plus we are currently moving, again...But I got three new fanarts! One is by Kohaku and the other two are by Ryoko!! She finally drew something! Go and check these lovely drawings out!!!

Semptember 19, 2004

I got some new buttons for linking to us. These buttons are smaller and better. I also added some couples in the couples section. Shizuru's couple's because I had forgotten to write about her. ^^;

Semptember 11, 2004

OK. I finally finished my update! Let's see there is a new fanart, drawn by me. People start sending me "YOUR" fanarts! Come on! Also we are linked to two more sites, Koori no Bara and Kasumi Ice.

As for galleries I finally did some. I did the doujinshi gallery! Yay! Doujinshi's are so pretty!! I also did the Sayonara gallery and added two more buddy icons to the Buddy icon section.

Oh, yeah we got two more wallpapers!! You can now get wallpapers in two sizes; 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600!

September 11, 2004

I put up the next chapter of Hunted and three new lyrics. They are Roketto Hanabi no Love Song, in duoes. Yasahisa wa Nemuranai in groups and Sayonara Bye Bye in opening and Ending. Enjoy.In my next update I'll try to put up some epguides.

Semptember 4, 2004

School's back and it's harder to update. So please don't get mad! But I finally made some buddy icons and avatars. They're in the gallery so go and check them out! I hope you guys like them. I tried hard to make them! I never have made one before. Oh, yeah I also made a wallpaper. It has Yusuke and Keiko on it. I think I made it well. I think it's pretty! So if you want to see what I can do, because I have never made one before now and you want to make fun of me, go check that out too!

We will try to update soon, but you guys also have to be sending us your fanart and facfics! I haven't gotten any fanart in a while! Come on, people! Draw, draw, draw!! It's fun. I'll put the one up I drew on the next update. I don't have time to upload it at the moment. Mom's telling me to get off the computer. Bye bye for now. =)

Semptember 2, 2004

This a small update. We are linked to two more sites. I also put some new guidlines in contact and added my new button to it.

August 31, 2004

We have a new fanfic (yay!) and its called Yu Yu Hakusho fairy Tales. I only read bits and pieces of it but it looked funny so I would check it out. Also two more caption pages are up.

August 29, 2004

Finally, finally the move is complete! Everything works now, and if it doesn't please tell me! Also we added a few new things. There are two advertisements in just for fun. And captions is up! So check them out!

August 26, 2004

We are currently in the middle of a move so not everything is up, yet. We are working really hard to get everything up again. But some new things have been added. Voice Actors is finally up. Also in the Just for Fun Section, Cross Dressing is up. It's funny so check it out!

August 15, 2004

Chapter 2 of the Gift is up. We also translated two more songs, Wild Wind and The sun will shine again.

August 14, 2004

New Fanfic the Gift has been added. I'm going to add the second/last chapter tomorrow. Also chapter five of Bloody Mary.

August 14, 2004

FINALLLY there is something in the gallery! I'm sorry it took so long; galleries are not all that easy. I had to take the pics, upload them, etc. But now the Smile Bomb version one gallery and The Homework Never Ends gallery is up, so enjoy! Also two more fan arts have been added. They are drawn by the talented Kitsune Miko! So check them out!

August 12, 2004

Summary of Volume one of the manga is up and new lyrics to the song Our Seasons.(I forget the japanese name...)

August 9, 2004

Couples section has been added!

August 7, 2004

New lyrics, Kokoro wo Tsunaide. Also Bimonthly quote and Pic of the month is up.

August 3, 2004

Contact section is added, and What's YYh is up! Also you can now return to the main page by clicking home. Next chapter of Bloody Mary is up also.

August 3, 2004

Genkai's bio is up and a new fanfic and fanart added.

July 30, 2004

We finally have a songfic ^^ Its really sweet so check it out. The wallpaper section is up and Yusuke and Keiko's song in duets of the lyrics section.

July 29, 2004

Hiei's song page is up along with his song, Turn your back on the twilight.

July 28, 2004

A new fanfic added in romance and links is working. A new fan art has been added! It's so pretty!

July 19, 2004

Yusuke's lyrics have been added with his song All right!and Dead or Alive. Fan Art page is up with a few master pieces.

July 13, 2004

Shizuru and Yukina bios up

July 10, 2004

Poll and japanese lyrics to smile bomb up

July 9, 2004

Koenma's bio

July 6, 2004

Creator bio is up

July 4, 2004

Nightmare added to Kurama lyrics and japanese Unbalanced Kisses added to Opening/Ending lyrics.

July 2, 2004

Yusuke's and Puu's bios are up.

July 1, 2004

Got the Guest book up ^^. New lyrics have been added to the lyric section

June 18, 2004

Romance fanfiction section is up. Fanfic Roses by the Beach is up and finished.

June 17, 2004

Botans bio up

June 13, 2004

Poems up into fanfiction section

June 12, 2004

Fanfics Horror section up

June 7, 2004

Fanfiction page is up. The comedy section in fanfiction is up.

May 31, 2004

News is up and Kuwabara's bio.

May 29, 2004

Hiei's bio has been added

May 15, 2004

There are a few pages that are currently working we are trying to get them all to work. Please be patient. The lyrics page works, but you can only currently view Kurama's songs. Kurama's and Keiko's Bios are up too. And of course the forum. please join soon. Will update soon. Promise!

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