The Suna Chronicle: Chapter 8

by Juturne

Ino was busy trying to get a grasp of the situation but the more she thought about it the more helpless and trapped she felt.

Never had she dreamed that she would hate this apartment so. Despite the vast volume of the rooms, the place only felt like one large cage in the confines of which she and Shikamaru had been reduced to pacing the floors, in an unending wait.

Shikamaru had no doubts that Kankurou was behind the setup. The timing said it all. However, with no means of leaving the apartment he was powerless to act or find the clues that would prove Ino�s (and consequently their) innocence. The only viable solution would be to obtain an audience with the Kazekage, but even then it would just be their word against that of the puppet master. It wasn�t too difficult to guess who Gaara would believe given the choice between his blood brother and Konoha strangers.

Needless to say, Shikamaru�s promise had been broken. Not only did the dread and seriousness of their situation make it impossible for them to even think about picking back up on the previous evening�s pre-party events but guards had been posted everywhere around the apartment. They were on the roof, at the front door and, as if that wasn�t enough to chill their libido, there was a guard on each side balcony with a very clear view of the inside of their living quarters. They had no privacy and surveillance continued around the clock.

�What if I use my mind transfer technique?� Ino suggested, searching for any solution that might help them now. �I can use one of the balcony guards and with his body I could go off and look for clues. We just need to pay attention to the next shift change.�

�In theory that would be a way to get one of us out of here but one of the other guards is bound to witness the transfer and even if you did pull it off you wouldn�t know where to begin looking or be able to hold the jutsu long enough to make much headway,� Shikamaru refused. �I could go straight to Gaara and explain the situation.�

�And look guilty as hell by showing how you can just pop in and out of bodies and appear anywhere. It�s far too dangerous and if you get caught it will only hurt what little case we might have,� he reasoned.

�Then one of us can pretend he�s sick and somehow get help when he gets taken to the hospital.�

�Ino, you can�t base a plan on �somehow.� It has to be more structured than that and secondly, we�re under house arrest. If one of us was sick then they�d just send a doctor here and they�d notice it was a lie. We can�t fight with underhanded tactics. We have to keep our calm and our integrity if we expect anyone to believe us.�

Well, Ino was out of ideas. Shikamaru was the strategies expert so why couldn�t he come up with a plan?

�Trust me, Ino. I�m trying and a little silence would help.� He knew his tone had been rather harsh but he just couldn�t come up with a plan that would effectively get them out of this jam. Being locked in was the worst possible scenario for him. Unable to work in the field gathering data, his back was against the wall. His conclusion: there wasn�t a damn thing he could do from their prison. He could only hope that someone was out there doing the fieldwork for them.


Fortunately for Ino and Shikamaru, Gaara was an intelligent leader who knew how to surround himself with highly competent staff. Unfamiliar with Suna law, little did the couple know that the Kazekage could have had them executed on the spot with just the evidence he had been given of an attempt on his life. By issuing a house arrest he was in fact buying them time while he waited for more information to come in.

Their true savior came in the person of Matsuri. There was no one Gaara trusted more especially when it came to issues of personal integrity. He knew that she had an amazing talent for reading people, just as she had been the only pupil to understand his good intentions when she entrusted him to be her sensei. So when she came to his office to discuss the incident he asked the one question which he knew would pretty much decide the Konoha couple�s fate as far as he was concerned: �Matsuri, knowing both Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino in the month and a half that you have worked with them, do you believe that either would commit this most serious crime for which they have been accused?�

Without a second�s hesitation, Matsuru replied, �No.�

The Kazekage sighed. He didn�t need for this to become a diplomatic dispute between the two villages but he needed answers if he was going to release them.

Matsuri spoke: �If I may, Lord Gaara.�

�Yes, please. I welcome your input gladly.�

�I was present the entire evening and I can�t say that I saw any suspicious activity on their part. I believe all those who attended can attest to their actions. I know that Ino was constantly surrounded by numbers of guests. I don�t know when she could have found time to approach your drink without anyone noticing, although she did leave the room once.�

�She did?�

�Yes, but that was in the company of Kankurou.�

�Kankurou, you say? What would she have been doing with Kankurou?�

�Well I don�t know that it�s my place to say but it appeared to be him that escorted her out of the room.�

�And she went willingly?�

�As far as I could tell but I was still a bit worried.�

�Worried, why?�

Matsuri went on to explain what she had witnessed in the nightclub and how she had found Kankurou�s behavior a bit over the top. In fact, she had felt it was her duty as a representative of the governing family to actually go and pull Ino out of the situation before Kankurou caused another one of his famous scenes.

Shit, Gaara thought, not again. The Kazekage loved his brother greatly and would fight with him to the end, but these �scenes� of Kankurou�s were beginning to wear thin. He couldn�t keep covering up and making amends for Kankurou�s bloated ego. He knew that his brother somehow felt that most everything and, more importantly, everyone (of the female persuasion at least) was his due from birthrights but nearly causing an international incident was going too far. He�d have to take action.

�Go find Kankurou and ask him to come here please.�


At first, Kankurou denied even leaving the party hall with Ino or maybe he had but he�d had a lot to drink that evening. He couldn�t quite remember everything.

However, an alibi of drunkenness wasn�t going to work. The guard, when interrogated separately, had found him quite lucid when he gave him the poison alert and handed him the vial.

When questioned further, Kankurou could find no excuse for being the only one in the know about the assassination attempt. He had no sources to reveal for the tip-off and eventually feeling the pressure admitted that he had been the one behind the set up; but not without insisting that he had only acted to open Gaara�s eyes. He had too much blind faith in these strangers and as he never listened to his opinion anyway he had felt it necessary to show Gaara the danger through action.

His reasoning was ridiculous and Gaara knew he had to be punished but this was still his brother and he needed to avoid word of the situation from exiting the city walls. So the Kazekage took the decision he felt best and assigned Kankurou to an unimportant mission with strict orders to not return to Suna before the next month and a half were up. That would get him out of the village and far away from the Konoha girl at least.

Kankurou had no choice but to pack his bag that evening. He had no desire to leave but he knew all too well that he was being treated with unprecedented clemency. It would be better to not try his luck any further and accept spending the next month and a half living like a missing nin. That last thought however made him cringe with anger.


Ino sat up as the guards moved outside. She turned to all sides to see them taking off in a flash to nearby roofs, one by one. Her immediate reaction was to wonder where the danger was. Only after the last had left did it occur to her that they were gone from the apartment.

�What do you think�s going on?� she asked Shikamaru.

�I don�t know.� He looked confused as well and stood to get a better look out of the window when there was a knock at the door.

Ino rushed past him happy to have any excuse to open the door for the first time in nearly twenty-four hours which had felt more like the same number in days.

�Lord Kazekage!� she exclaimed with blunt surprise, knowing that an official appearance by Gaara on their doorstep could mean either very good or very bad news.

When he asked if he could enter and she saw that he was unguarded, Ino�s heart jumped with glee however.

He explained Matsuri�s suspicions and how they had led to a full confession from Kankurou. He informed them that the Sand shinobi had been asked to take leave of the village for the remainder of their stay and how much he hoped his absence would incite them to stay on and somehow make amends for the unfortunate incident. He understood that they would probably not be able to make an immediate decision but hoped that they would consider the proposition that evening.


As Gaara stepped out and Ino closed the door behind him, she fell back against the door with a sigh of relief. Her legs could barely support her after the stress of the last several hours. She felt drained and the wave of fatigue that took over her body acted as a reminder that she hadn�t slept for the past thirty-seven hours.

She made her way to the couch to slump beside Shikamaru who had plunged onto the couch before Gaara was even out of the door. She knew he would already be asleep now that the stress had subsided and that she should be jumping for joy but even the strength to walk all the way back to her room had escaped her.

As she sat she noticed that Shikamaru wasn�t yet asleep. In fact, he seemed wide awake, with a large grin on his face. She couldn�t help but smile back. They both had reason to be very happy. They had escaped a most harrowing situation by the skin of their teeth and on sheer luck alone.

�Well, you look content. I thought you�d be dead to the world already. I sure am beat.�

�Sleep and not keep my promise? No way. I�m a man of my word and I could still be happier,� he smirked.

Promise, what promise? And what could make him happier than knowing they weren�t going to be executed? It took her sleepy mind a moment to make the connection. Last evening seemed so long ago but she pondered no more as he edged closer to where she was lounging, placing a warm hand on her thigh.

The contact was an instant wake up call. The adrenaline that shot through Ino�s body from the touch swept all feelings of slumber from the girl�s mind. Ah, yes, she had made him make a promise and a very good one at that.

She reached out to grab Shikamaru by the shoulders, bringing him near for a deep, warm kiss. The frenzy from before the celebration had disappeared from their movements, replaced by slow, experimental passion not as a result of being tired but from the understanding that they now had plenty of time to discover one another on the most intimate plane.

Shikamaru positioned himself next to Ino who had stretched herself out full length on the couch. His hands could roam as they pleased and he never had to leave her mouth. He worked one hand down the length of her arm, over a hip and several times down and back around the length of her thigh until he came to pause on a soft, round buttock, using the flesh as a lever to bring her in closer and lock her in tightly. The horizontal routine began slowly with minor bumps and grinds until their bodies were writhing in coordinated motion as each searched to ease an ache of desire that only grew with each rhythmic movement.

Soon Ino could feel the rock hard presence of Shikamaru�s stiffened member rubbing below her stomach. She wrapped a leg around his thigh to feel the object grind against her mound at the spot where she needed to feel it most. Despite being fully clothed their movements took on added intensity until they cumulated to a point where Shikamaru knew that he couldn�t go on much further like this. Dry humping was great but the growing urgency in Ino�s moans and the hard friction were making his erection almost painful. He yearned to feel skin.

�Ino,� he stopped suddenly, trying to pull back, sit up and look her in the eye despite the difficulty it took to do so in his condition.

�What? Did I do something wrong?� she feared, not wanting to stop. Having placed him earlier in a suitable position with the help of her leg the poor sex starved girl had nearly peaked to orgasm through the simple rubbing.

�No, trust me you�re doing everything right. Too right,� he added.

She gave off a smile of relief but couldn�t help but feel flustered after the brutal, unexpected pause.

�It�s just that, well� before this goes any further, I need to know that this is what you really want. I mean, I need you to tell me that you�re ok with what I won�t be able to stop if we don�t end this right here and now.�

Ino understood immediately what he meant and although she couldn�t imagine that he would still doubt her intentions where he was concerned, she was moved to know that he respected her enough to ask.

�Shikamaru�please� I want you so badly.� The answer left her lips like a dying plea but did not go unanswered as he leaned in for what she thought would be another kiss when, to her surprise, he didn�t place his lips on her mouth but instead reached one arm under her thighs, the other behind her back, lifting her from her current position. The next thing she knew, she was being carried towards his bedroom.

Ino would never have known, but this was a decision that Shikamaru had made awhile ago.

He knew Ino wasn�t at a loss for suitors. For years he had silently sat by as men practically lined up in single file to display their charms, each trying to convince Ino that he was �the one.� He had observed, watched, waited from afar, never confessing, never pretending to be someone he wasn�t. Nor had he actively pursued her, or offered her more than friendship until she had acknowledged wanting more, knowing that, well, either she cared or she didn�t but that it needed to be her heartfelt decision. Admittedly, he had kind of panicked when he had first been assigned this mission, afraid he wouldn�t be around to survey the competition and that maybe, just maybe, she would find someone to her liking in those three months; but he had given her the choice and she had chosen to join him. After years of shared bickering, laughter and tears by just sitting back and being himself, the slow and steady �loser� had won the race and so Shikamaru had decided that if this moment did ever come, he was not going to fuck her- no, he and Ino would make love. Back in his room, Shikamaru placed Ino gingerly on the bed. He removed his shirt and went to lie beside her.

Ino loved the taut look of his torso. He had the tight physique of a shinobi but without the excessive muscles or six-pack of the overachieving, ever training ninja. Thusly he guarded a boyish charm- smooth and toned. Now without the shirt she could clutch his strong shoulder blades, run her fingers down his spine, his chest, his stomach. She loved the way the latter quivered nervously under her touch when her hand travelled down just a bit too far.

Shikamaru began to remove Ino�s top. She offered no resistance and gladly lifted her arms over her head in a pose of total submission and compliance. Once off, he appreciated the firm swell of the kunoichi�s breasts which rose and fell to the heavy, saccadic rhythm of her breathing. She was dressed in civilian fashion, sporting a lacy bra instead of her bandages allowing him easy access to the hardened nipples peaking through the rough fabric. She was burning under the heat of his gaze and longed for the freedom the cool air surrounding her now topless upper body promised if only she rid herself of the undergarment that now felt two cup sizes too small. He gently bit each aureole in turn, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face that doing so procured. Ino�s heart was racing and she was convinced her breasts would have swollen to exaggerated proportions and spilt out of her bra if Shikamaru hadn�t finally decided to remove the undergarment. That didn�t however end the teasing as he began to suckle one breast and then the other, pulling and biting playfully in ways that made her writhe at the hips.

While making great work of his tongue, Shikamaru reached down to the high hem of her skirt. He inched his hand up between her vacillating thighs until he reached a pair of considerably damp underwear. Ino groaned loudly in response to the touch but was obviously still not satisfied as she grabbed his hand and forced it down harder onto her mound. She took his fingers and led them to slide below her lace panties. Shikamaru didn�t need any spurring on after that as he discovered how easily all five digits ran over the slick surface beneath. With little to no effort the longest of the group slid into the hot, tight opening below. Ino could barely control the movements she was making as she tried to get the most satisfaction a single finger can provide. Shikamaru was stirred by her obvious need. Her every thrust, her every motion only proved how much she really did want him. She called him by name and although there was no need for her to ask, she begged for him to take her �now.�

He removed his hand only to comply with her demand, catching the top of her skirt and sliding what remained of her clothes over her long bare legs and down onto the floor. Standing at the foot of the bed, Shikamaru began to undo his belt as he took in the vision of the nude blonde girl, sprawled before him. His chest and groin burned as he continued to undress, never releasing his gaze, when it occurred to him just how beautiful she really was. Strangely, he had never paid that much attention before. Obviously he knew that she was easy on the eyes but somehow he had shielded himself from her feminine charms until now, probably as a means to keep his concentration while working at her side or possibly to convince himself that he didn�t care all that much as he awaited the day when she would find that special someone, never daring to think that it could be him. Now that he had become that person a new flood of reality swept over him. Had he really made her think that guys didn�t necessarily like thin girls just to belittle her? Had he really convinced himself that he just wanted an average looking wife to eliminate her immediately as a possibility? Just what had he told her, told himself? A part of him felt like a jackass as he removed the last of his clothing. How could he have ever denied what he felt for the extraordinary girl that now lay on his bed, offering herself so completely to him?

Shikamaru placed himself carefully on top of Ino, aligning the tip of his hardened member at her entrance.

�Are you ready?� he asked, trying to keep his composure.

She answered by moving her hand to his head to remove the band that held back his hair. �Now I am,� she giggled, giddy to see the handsome face that hovered just centimeters above her own now framed in the manner she simply adored.

What was it with the hair? Shikamaru wondered. He didn�t think he�d ever really understand what went on behind those deep blue eyes in that female head of hers but as long as it made her happy he was more than willing to play along; and now he figured he was long overdue for obliging her a second time and with that thought fell into her with a deep kiss, knowing that the distraction caused by his mouth would ease any eventual pain.

He entered her slowly, some would say tenderly, until the resistance became too much to advance any further. He retracted with great care and proceeded forward again, making more headway than before. He continued with slow, concentrated thrusts until she opened fully around his thickness. Feeling her tight silken walls, welcoming him in full, loosening to accept his entire length, sent the shadow ninja on edge. He quickened his pace, only to be spurred on even further by the soft moans Ino was emitting. The look on her face was delicious. Her features twisted in a delightful grimace.

She spoke his name, once, twice, again, making him love her all the more.

He pumped harder, uncontrollably, but hoped that he would be able to contain his release just long enough, just long enough for her to�

Ino wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him in tighter from behind. The tilt of her pelvis brought him to a spot she never knew existed; the pleasure was immeasurable.

Shikamaru could not ignore the heightened stimulation of their tightened position either. He cursed under his breath knowing that he could not last much longer stuck thusly in her depths when Ino felt the beginnings of the hot wave that started at her toes, and overtook her limbs, her torso, her mind, her sex. As the sensation washed back down her body, the walls that locked Shikamaru�s length tightened and twitched, urging him to release. Never could he have imagined this feeling, this overwhelming need to just let go, as his desire escaped him, to accompany the spasm of Ino�s orgasm.

Once their breathing had calmed they both relaxed into the bed but remained comfortably intertwined, lulled into a dreamland where all was simple bliss, far from the headache of puppet ninjas and prisons. The young chuunin thought he heard a girl still whispering his name through soft lips that purred into the skin of his neck as he drifted off into well deserved slumber.

(�Shikamaru... I love you,� the voice said- or was that part of an approaching dream?)

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