Guidelines for Submitting Media

Want to submit something to Troublesome Love? Check out these rules first:

1. It must relate to Shikamaru and/or Ino.
2. It cannot contradict their pairing completely.
3. All media should be sent to, and should be titled "Shikaino Media"
4. Love Triangles and other pairings are welcomed.
5. It can contain mature content, but give me a warning.
6. Any language of media is accepted and must be specified in email if it is anything other than English.
7. Original characters are allowed in fanfiction.
8. Fanfiction can be any length.
9. Fanfiction must be edited to the best of your ability. If it is evident time wasn't spent in editing then it will not be displayed.
10. Fanfiction should be sent as an attachment or included in the actual email message.
11. Be sure that we have your email or if you prefer DeviantArt account or This would allow more people to see your work.
12. If submitting Fanfiction, the email must contain a summary, a rating (everyone, teen, or mature), and a title.
13. Fanart, cosplay images, wallpaper, avatars, etc. should be sent as an attachment in JPG format or with a link (URL) of the image. Please do not send BMPs.

Shikamaru and Ino are copyright to Kishimoto Masashi. This is simply a fanlisting/fansite.