Welcome to Troublesome Love, a Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino fansite and fanlisting. This site was plotted for many months on the Troublesome Love Forums and thus that is where the site's name originates. This site is meant to be a collection of information on the two individually and together, as well as a collection of media and other forms of entertainment for ShikaIno fans. This is not a site meant to antagonize ShikaTema fans in anyway, so please, if you utterly hate this pairing hit that little X in the corner of the screen! If you are a fan of the two, look around and be sure to join the fanlisting!


I have added two fanfictions to the Media section, and I have updated the challenges which is located in the Extra section. I have also updated all affiliate links. I am trying to make this site much better. Please aid me by submitting media and other material!

Estefania was kind enough to send me the old fanlisting list and so 419 members were added! Thanks muchos to her! I also added a winamp to media. I don't have much. I'm sorry! School gets the blame!

The site was first put on the web on 2-19-07, but didn't have anything working besides the layout. On 2-24-07 the fanlisting was finally active. Also currently the links out section is active. If you want to participate in anyway in the building of this new site, send me an email at shikaino@moonlightwarrior.net.


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Shikamaru and Ino are copyright to Kishimoto Masashi. This is simply a fanlisting/fansite.