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 101 Dalmatians:  A Goofy Movie:  Aladdin:  Alice in Wonderland:  An American Tail:  Anastasia:  Aristocats, The:  Atlantis: The Lost Empire:  Balto:  Bambi:  Beauty & the Beast:  Bolt:  Brother Bear:  Cinderella:  Coraline:  Dumbo:  Emperor's New Groove, The:  Ferngully:  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:  Finding Nemo:  Fox and the Hound, The:  Hercules:  How to Train Your Dragon:  Hunchback of Notre Dame, The:  Lady and the Tramp:  Land Before Time, The:  Last Unicorn, The:  Lilo & Stitch:  Lion King II, The: Simba's Pride:  Lion King, The:  Little Mermaid, The:  Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The:  Monsters Inc.:  Mulan:  Nightmare Before Christmas, The:  Oliver and Company:  Peter Pan:  Pocahontas:  Prince of Egypt, The:  Princess and the Frog, The:  Quest for Camelot:  Shrek:  Shrek 2:  Sleeping Beauty:  Swan Princess, The:  Tangled:  Tarzan:  Thumbelina:  Toy Story:  Toy Story 2:  WALL-E:

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