1.) You must be a fan of the song Life Returns from the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Souen no Kiseki).
2.) You must have a valid email.
3.) You don't need a site in order to be a part of this fanlisting. However, if you do have one and submit your URL I expect to see a button somewhere on your site. Preferably on a "Joined" page so I can find it easily. If I can't find the button I will not add your site.
4.) You must put your country or else I can't add you.
5.) Please use a realistic nickname. Anything with numbers and characters I can't find on my keyboard will be edited. Also, PlEaSe DoN't UsE sTiCkY cApS as they are really hard to read.
6.) No sites with adult content, hate, racism, etc. If your site contains any of them I'll only list your email.
7.) If you change anything like your URL or email please let me know so I can keep your info updated.

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