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Kawai Shizuka

Shizuka Kawai (Serenity Wheeler) is the younger sister of Katsuya Jounouchi (Joey Wheeler). She is a very caring individual who is supportive of her brother. Shizuka and Jounouchi are close to each other and care dearly for one another. Their parents divorced and Shizuka moved to stay with their mother while Jounouchi was cared for by their father. Shizuka began to go blind so Jounouchi entered the Duelist Kingdom Tournament to finance her eye surgery. However, he does not win and the victor, Yuugi, gives him the prize money to pay for the operation.

After the surgery, Shizuka goes to the Battle City tournament to cheer for her brother. She wants the first thing she sees to be him Unfortunately, when she finds him, he's being manipulated by Malik and dueling Yuugi. Shizuka takes off her bandages and jumps into the ocean to rescue Jounouchi.

During Battle City, both Otogi and Honda develop a crush on her and fight for her affections.

Shizuka is usually on the sidelines with Anzu cheering on her friends. After Mai loses to Yami no Malik, Shizuka stays by Mai's side, hoping she will wake up. When Yami no Malik is defeated, Shizuka and Mai play a joke on Jounouchi, having Mai pretend to still be asleep.

Shizuka only duels once as a trio with Otogi and Honda. They duel against one of the members of the Big Five in Noa's Arc. Honda loses, sacrificing himself for Shizuka, and becomes a monkey. For awhile after that it doesn't seem like Shizuka will continue the duel. But then her brother arrives and encourages her to fight on.

Shizuka appeared in the Toei Animated Duel Monsters for a single episode.

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