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Otogi Ryuuji

Otogi Ryuuji (Duke Devlin) is the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters. His father owns the game shop "Black Crown," a rival of Yuugi's grandfather's shop. At the beggining, Ryuuji is arrogant and boastful. In the anime, he wanted to take Yuugi's "King of Games" title away from him by beating him in Dungeon Dice Monsters. Ryuuji believed that Yuugi had cheated in the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. However, after losing to him, he changes his mind.

"In the manga, Ryuuji is forced to have a Dungeon Dice Monsters duel with Yugi by his father, Mr. Crown, who was cursed by an ancient "Reaching the Goal" dice game he once played with Yugi's grandfather, Mutou Sugoroku (Solomon Moto). Ryuuji's father wanted revenge on Sugoroku by doing to his grandson what Sugoroku had done to him. He also wants his son Ryuji to become the new owner of the Millennium Puzzle. During the course of the game, Otogi's father smashes the Millennium Puzzle to pieces. Although Yugi succeeds in defeating Otogi, Otogi's father grabs Yugi and the Puzzle and takes it to a secret room where he attempts to piece the Puzzle back together again. However, doing this causes him to hallucinate about being trapped in a maze, and in his confusion he knocks over a candle, setting the building on fire. Yugi is forced to solve the Puzzle on his own in the burning building, and though he does, he faints, but is rescued by Jonouchi" (Wikipedia).

During Battle City Torunament, Ryuuji helps Honda and Shizuka escape from the Ghouls. He's a bit shocked that Jounuchi would have such a lovely sister like Shizuka. Otogi, Honda, and Shizuka are taken to Jounouchi's duel by Mai. Shizuka wanted to remove her bandages, but Anzu tells her not to because she didn't want that to be the first thing Shizuka saw. However, when Jounouchi is pulled into the river, Shizuka takes off her bandages and saves her big brother.

During the battle with the Big Five, Honda tells Ryuuji to take care of Shizuka. Honda sacrfices himself and Shizuka refuses to fight until Ryuuji encourages her to get up.

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