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Other Support Conversations

In all Fire Emblem games the characters have little support converstations, which increase their stats and can also effect the character later on in the game. For example Jill may leave Ike's mercenary band if her relationship isn't strong with Lethe or Mist.

In Path of Radiance to obtain a support conversation the characters must be in a certain amount of battles together and then in the next base they can speak to another. But each character is only allowed 5 support conversations.

Due to this you must plan who you want to have a stats increase or who you want the character to have a bond with. That makes Ike and Elincia's support hard to obtain, since Elincia fights so late in the game, Ike's support might all ready be used up.

The supports are organized by characters, including the battles together they need to reach the support and the stat that is increased, and divided by the support level, C, B, or A.
Example: Character 1 and Character 2-(C support battle #/B battle #/A battle #)-Character 1 stat increase/Character 2 stat increase

Please note that these supports are credited to Nintendo Forums, Sanctuary of Strategy Forums, and

Elincia and Geoffrey
Ike and Titania/ Ike and Oscar
Ike and Soren/ Ike and Lethe
Ike and Reyson/ Ike and Ranulf

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