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Ike and Reyson-(5/3/3)-Fire/Ground

C Support

Ike: Reyson.
Reyson: Oh, Ike. What can I do for you?
Ike: I just came to see how things are going. How are you doing?
Reyson: Fine. No problems.
Ike: No problems? Your face tells me otherwise.
Reyson: Well... we herons are optimistic by nature. So it's hard for me to be on a battlefield where the air is thick with negative energy. It's... tiring. But I'm learning to adjust. I hope you'll let me fight beside you to the bitter end.
Ike: As long as you take care of yourself, I have no complaints. But isn't there anything I can do to help? Maybe we could have a special supper. Certain foods tend to restore energy.
Reyson: That's very kind, but my diet... Heh. It's fairly limited. You know, I used to be disgusted by my thin, frail body. So one time I performed a little experiment. I got all the goods that Tibarn likes--raw meat, cold fish, insects--and ate them. I ate them all.
Ike: That doesn't sound good. What happened?
Reyson: I stared death in the face for ten days. You've never seen a laguz so green! I guess we herons are just meant to eat fruits and nuts for our entire lives.
Ike: ...I can't imagine. Raw meat? You must have been desperate!
Reyson: I wanted so much to be like Tibarn. Big body, strong wings... With those features, I felt I could march into Begnion and revenge my brothers all by myself. I got on my knees and prayed to the goddess every night. Asking her for power... But to no avail.
Ike: I think I know how you feel... But it's better this way.
Reyson:How do you figure?
Ike: You get sick from negative energy. Imagine if you tried to hurt someone! You'd lose your lunch!
Reyson: Heh. I guess you're right... At one time, I was so angry about my lack of strength, so consumed by despair, that I considered forfeiting my life... But... I'm glad that I am alive. I got to see Leanne because I am alive.
Ike: Huh. You surprise me, Reyson. You're stronger than you look.
Reyson: If you're talking spiritual strength, I think I'm the best there is!

B Support

Ike: Reyson!
Reyson: I'm here, Ike. Do you wish to talk strategy?
Ike: Yes. Your participation in the next few battles will be critical... How are you feeling?
Reyson: Well... I found that negative energy isn't so bad when I fly. Even feeling a breeze can be a huge help. I can hold up. Don't worry about me.
Ike: You look tired. Exhausted, even. I think I know how King Phoenicis must feel... I'm sorry for pushing you like this.
Reyson: Saying so is an insult. I choose to be here.
Ike: Look, that's not what I meant... I apologize. I know that you hate having people fuss over you. It's just--
Reyson: Ike? Be quiet. If you were annoying else, I'd punch you in the nose and make you be quiet.
Ike: Whoa, easy, Reyson! That's not necessary! And hey... I didn't think that herons could attack.
Reyson:...I know how to punch! Although...
Ike: Yes?
Reyson: I suffer more damage than my target.
Ike: What?!
Reyson: When I bashed Duke Tanas's face, he only suffered a bloody nose, but it cracked the bones in the back of my hand.
Ike: Holy...
Reyson: Indeed.
Ike: ...But it felt good, right?
Reyson: Oh, yeah.

A Support

Ike: Reyson? How are you holding up? You look like death warmed over.
Reyson: I know Ike! Believe me, I know that better than anyone. But, please. Let me do this. Let me fight to the end.
Ike: Well, all right. But I don't want you dropping dead the minute this war is over!
Reyson: My body should return to normal once the medallion settles down... Don't worry. My will is still strong. I have to confront Ashnard. I have to discover the truth.
Ike: I'll help you with that, Reyson.
Reyson: I told you not to treat me spec--
Ike: And I need you to help me, too.
Reyson: ...R-really?
Ike: We each possess unique powers. If we combine our might, it will lead to victory in future battles.
Reyson: I see... Very well. I appreciate your help.
Ike: Hang in there, Reyson. The end is in sight.

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