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Ike and Oscar-(6/3/3)-Ground/Ground

C Support

Ike: Hey, Oscar, can you spar with me for a sec... Wait! Where are you going?
Oscar: Sorry, Ike! No time! I have to prepare the evening meal today.
Ike: You? Where's Mist?
Oscar: She's off practicing with her staff. It's been a while since I cooked. I hope I haven't lost my touch.
Ike: I haven't had one of your suppers in ages! I'm looking forward to it.
Oscar: Really?
Ike: Yeah, of course! You're a great cook! Why do you ask?
Oscar: Well... I never knew that. Mist, Shinon, and Rhys were the only ones who ever commented on the subtle spices and flavors that I use... I mean, my brothers are used to my cooking, and Soren hates everything. I think he'd stop eating if he could... Sure, Commander Greil, Titania, Gatrie, and you ate everything on the plate. But... I feel like you'd eat anything.
Ike: Oscar, I didn't just shovel the food into my mouth. I enjoyed it! I really did! Remember the first day that Mist took over your cooking duties? Just thinking about it makes me ill... Heh! Even my father was having trouble choking it down! But I think Mist is finally starting to get the hang of it.
Oscar: Just like you're training to improve your swordsmanship, Mist is training to improve her culinary skills. You should give her more support. Hearing someone say "Delicious!" is the best encouragement a cook can get.
Ike: I see... Then I'll make sure to say "Delicious!" from now on.
Oscar: Ha ha! Thanks.

B Support

Oscar: How's it going, Ike?
Ike: Oh, hey, Oscar. I'm fine... Actually, I'm kind of worried about something.
Oscar: Can I help?
Ike: Well, I was trying to figure out how we should fight the laguz bird tribes.
Oscar: That's odd... I was just thinking about the same thing. When they turn into their true selves, we are forced into a kind of battle that is difficult for us.
Ike: You're right about that. The laguz are so strong. I've seen them shatter boulders with a single blow. I feel like our weak points are as visible as a lit torch for the bird tribes. What's more, my sword is useless when they take to the sky.
Oscar: My advice is to keep engaging them. The more we fight, the more we learn. Of course, it won't be easy.
Ike: No, but I'm sure we can do it. That's a good idea! Thanks.
Oscar: Ah... well... sure. You're pretty amazing, Ike. You know that?
Ike: Hey, come on now. You're the guy with all the experience and talent.
Oscar: Everything I have accomplished comes from hard work and practice. You're the son of Commander Greil. You have... natural talent. I'd follow you anywhere.
Ike: Uh... wow... thanks, Oscar.

A Support

Oscar: Ike.
Ike: Oscar? What is it?
Oscar: ...Are you well, Ike?
Ike: Yeah... yeah. I'm fine. Why? Did I worry you?
Oscar: No, no. It's nothing that you did. It's just that... our battles are intensifying. I never imagined that we'd be involved in clashes of this magnitude.
Ike: You're right. Ever since my father died, it's been one kind of chaos after another. It's a real challenge.
Oscar: So. How are you doing? Well, I mean... are you as well as can be expected? Is there anything I can do?
Ike: Ah, Oscar. I give you enough grief as is. Just stick with your helplessly green commander. That's all I ask.
Oscar: Ike...
Ike: Will you continue to believe in me?
Oscar: Yes, of course! As commander Greil said, we are family. This is my home. I will support you to the end.
Ike: Listen... I have an urge for your cooking. Think you can give Mist a hand tonight?
Oscar: Ha! You don't have to ask me twice! I'll put all my culinary skills to work. I hope you're hungry

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