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Ike and Lethe-(4/5/5)-Heaven/Ground

C Support

Ike: Hiyaaaa! Haaaaaa! Hm? Who's there?
Lethe: Training hard?
Ike: Lethe. Were you watching me?
Lethe: Yep. I'm curious... Our future success will depend in large part on how well you humans fight. We laguz can't afford to lag behind.
Ike: You always need the upper hand, eh, Lethe?
Lethe: Relax. It's not like I'm going to claw you in the back during a battle. There's no point in it. Besides, you humans are the only ones who use dirty tricks like that.
Ike: Oh, I see. So every laguz fights fair and square?
Lethe: Most of us. Not all. Although we know when a laguz is about to use a cheap trick. We can smell it. I can sniff out a trap from a mile away. Even in the dark. You can hide from my eyes, but not my nose.
Ike: Lethe? Will you teach me how to fight like a laguz?
Lethe: Sure, I'll take you on. But it's going to hurt! When I fight, it's with my claws out.
Ike: Good. I look forward to it.

B Support

Lethe: Hey.
Ike: Lethe. What's up?
Lethe: You fought pretty well the other day. Better than I expected.
Ike: What? Me?
Lethe: You see anyone else?
Ike: No, but... I didn't expect that from you. You laguz have such awesome natural power, I figure beorc look weak in comparison.
Lethe: Totally different styles of fighting. You don't have the reactions or control that we do, but you're actually kind of graceful. It must be tough to use a weapon that's not actually connected to your body. No wonder you train so much.
Ike: Without teeth or claws, we need our weapons to move like they're a part of us. So, yeah, that takes a lot of work.
Lethe: Mmm... I see. I may have to train some more. Which reminds me... Do you remember our bargain?
Ike: Of course! Will you do it?
Lethe: I should ask you. Laguz training is hard. You're going to hurt. And bleed. Are you ready?
Ike: Let's do it!

A Support

Lethe: Hello, Ike.
Ike: Hey, Lethe! You ready to punish me some more?
Lethe: You're taking to my training with remarkable skill. I need to keep up.
Ike: You think so? Wow. A compliment from Lethe... Now that's a big deal!
Lethe: What's that supposed to mean? You're not still holding a grudge about our first meeting, are you?
Ike: No, nothing like that. It's just... Your powerful, you know? If you compliment me, that means something.
Lethe: Bah! You give me too much credit. ...Um... Say, Ike?
Ike: What?
Lethe: When this war is over, you should... Why don't you come to Gallia? I mean, not like I care, but--
Ike: Gallia?
Lethe: Right! Well, you could learn even more if you trained in Gallia. It's hard living for a beorc. But if you can handle it, you could take the swordsmanship that runs in your blood to another level.
Ike: Only if you're my sparring partner!
Lethe: Meh... Well, if that's what you want... I guess I'd be all right with that.
Ike: Then life in Gallia may not be so bad.
Lethe: Oh? Well, good. It's settled then. Come see us whenever you're ready. I might even... look forward to it.
Ike: You have my word.

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