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Elincia and Geoffrey -(1/0/1)-Fire/Heaven

C Support

Elincia: Hmm...
Geoffrey: Are you looking for someone, Your Highness?
Elincia: Geoffrey. I'm glad you're here.
Geoffrey: Is there anything I can do for you?
Elincia: Yes, actually. I have a small favor to ask of you.
Geoffrey: Ask anything of me, Your Highness, and I shall make it so.
Elincia: Really? You would do anything?
Geoffrey: Anything at all.
Elincia: Well, then here goes... Geoffrey... I need you to leave me alone while I fight on the battlefield.
Geoffrey: What?! Without protection? But, you know that is the one thing I cannot--
Elincia: I don't want to hear any objections. This is... an order. You must obey.
Geoffrey: But... Princess Elincia...

B Support

Geoffrey: Your Highness... Please, I beg you to reconsider.
Elincia: ...
Geoffrey: I am aware that you took offense to my disobeying your order... But... You cannot ask me to leave you alone and undefended! I am a royal knight. It is my duty and honor to ride by your side and defend you on the field of battle.
Elincia: ...
Geoffrey: Your Highness, please! On bended knee, I beg this of you.
Elincia: Would you stop defending me if I stripped you of your title?
Geoffrey: ...T-take away my knighthood?
Elincia: ...
Geoffrey: I see. I had no idea you wanted to avoid me this badly.
Elincia: No, Geoffrey. That's not--
Geoffrey: I may have spoken out of turn, but all I wanted was to honor my oath and shield you from harm. I'm sorry...
Elincia: Wait... Geoffrey! Geoffrey!

A Support

Elincia: I've listened to all that you've had to say, Geoffrey. Now it's time for you to hear me out.
Geoffrey: By your command.
Elincia: You fight too hard and take too many risks to protect me in combat.
Geoffrey: Is that not what a knight is sworn to do?
Elincia: But you put yourself at grave risk!
Geoffrey: It is true. I have felt the bite of steel several times while protecting you... But I would do so again without a thought!
Elincia: You promised me long ago that you wouldn't needlessly jeopardize your life for my sake. I guess you don't value your life after all.
Geoffrey: Your highness...
Elincia: I know you think I should stay at camp and rest on silken pillows without suiting up for battle. But... There's no way I could stand... Stand seeing someone so dear to me die just beyond my grasp. So... Now you know why I asked this of you.
Geoffrey: I don't know if you realize all that you've done for the soldiers. Do you see how you have raised the spirits of the Crimean soldiers since you began fighting alongside them? Their princess herself leads the charge! She doesn't ask the soldiers to risk their lives without risking her own. They adore you. And that is why we win our battles. They fight with a ferocity no other force could possibly match. They will win at any cost.
Elincia: ...
Geoffrey: I admit I have been fighting recklessly. ... I did so knowing you were near me. I knew you'd be by my side if I were gravely wounded.
Elincia: Yet... You feel me a burden.
Geoffrey: I can't imagine fighting without you anymore. If you do hold my life dear, please keep fighting. Lead us to victory!
Elincia: Oh, Geoffrey. I'm so sorry I brought you so much torment. I misunderstood you. I immature.
Geoffrey: I disobeyed your direct orders. That's no badge of honor, either.
Elincia: I'm sure I'll keep causing you troubles... but please...never leave my side, Geoffrey.
Geoffrey: Princess Elincia... My life and blade are yours.

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