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Ike & Elincia?

Ike is the son of a leader of a band of mercenaries, Greil and brother of Mist. He has trained to become a mercenary just like his father, but much sooner than expected he found himself taking over the company. With Elincia as his employer and his friend and with thoughts of revenge for his father's death he seeks to defeat the Black Knight and restore Crimea. Ike is very compassionate for others, especially his sister.

Elincia is the princess of Crimea, however, she was hidden inside the castle walls and no one outside the palace knew of her. When Crimea falls to ruin after Daein's attack, she soon meets Ike and hires the Greil Mercenaries to help her reclaim the throne of Crimea. She appears at first frail and innocent, but later she joins Ike in battle on a pegasus as a healer and with her blade the Amiti.

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