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What is a Fanlisting

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This particular fanlisting is for the manga/anime series Midori no Hibi.

Midori no Hibi

Midori no Hibi, which literally translates into Midori's Days, is a manga by Inoue Kazurou. It was later adapted into a 13 episode animated series. The story follows Sawamura Seiji, the toughest boy at his high school. Because nearly everyone is afraid of him, he cannot find a girlfriend. He believes he will age with only his right hand as his lifelong companion. To his surprise he awakens to find a minature girl attached to his once right hand. The girl is Kasugano Midori; a girl from a neighboring school who has had a crush on Seiji. During the few weeks they are connected they learn to co-exist with each other and get to know one another.

Sawamura Seiji

Sawamura Seiji is a feared delinquent known for his fighting skills and his deadly Devil's Right Hand. However, he is kind, determined, and protective of the innocent. He longs for a girlfriend and pursues girls who are not interested in him and instead ignores the ones that love him. Midori declares her love for him many times, however, it is not until he reads her diary after she is no longer attached to his wrist, that he realize how much she cared for him. Even though she has no memories of their time together, Seiji confesses his love for her and they become a couple.

Kasugano Midori

Kasugano Midori is a sixteen-year old girl who has had a crush on Seiji for three years. She desperately wishes to be close to her love and wakes up to find herself replacing his right hand. Her real body is in a coma and will not awaken even to the pleas of her mother. Midori is a shy girl, however, she finds the courage to declare her love for Seiji multiple times, even though he doesn't return her feelings until the end of the series.

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