The following was written by Emma-Jane.

Set in a not so distant future, Gattaca brings us into a world where humans are engineered and flaws are no longer acceptable. Vincent, an 'in-valid' - or a natural child - dreams of only one thing, becoming an astronaut, but his so-called genitic degeneration leaves him little hope.

Refusing to give up on his hopes, Vincent hires Jerome Morrow, a former swimming champion, now bound to a wheelchari after a car accident, who agrees to lend him his personality and allows him to get into the prestigious Gattaca. Everyday Vincent must erase his presence and replace it with Jerome's. Every eyelash, hair and skin particule. But he is compromised when a Director is murdered and Gattaca is entirely searched for clues, and the presence of an 'in-valid' revealed.

Not only is Gattaca aesthetically a success, it's a unique world between future, present and past. The core storyline is fascinating and disturbing. Parents can choose the gender, the eye color and the dominant personality traits of their future child. A cause and date of death can even be statiscally predicted seconds after a baby is born. All the 'higher' positions are filled by these new and improved beings and natural born individuals are reduced to jobs that no one else wants. Vincent is held back by his genetic identity, Jerome one the other hand, had everything to succeed yet never had the will to do so. Jerome gives Vincent his identity and the opportunity to do what he wanted to, but I think Vincent gave Jerome something much more important; a dream.

This desperate and destructive search for perfection leads people to forget what really matters: who they really are, their spirit.


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