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How to Play:

Speak to Hades in his chamber after clearing all Paradox Cups.


Drives and Summons must be on level 7.

Jiminy Objectives:

A score of 15,000 or more


Weapons: Ultima Weapon (Sora), Save the King (Goofy), Save the Queen (Donald)
Abilities: Form Boost, Summon Boost, Leaf Bracer, Second Chance, Once More, MP Haste, Magic lock-on, Damage Drive, Drive Boost, Trinity Limit (Sora), Teamwork, Tornado Fusion, Once More, Second Chance (Goofy), Fantasia, Flare Force, MP Hasteria (Donald)
Customize your controller so you can easily use Cure, Thundera, Magneta, and heal with equipped items.

Walk Through:

The first 20 rounds of the tournament should be used to get the score you need to complete Jiminy's objective. Rounds 1-10 are anything goes, but in rounds 11-20 you can only summon and you have a damage limit. Then in rounds 21-30 you are limited to magic and limits, and then in rounds 31-40 you're faced with a time limit. In the final 10 battles Sora's on his own; he can't use Drives, summons, or rely on Donald and Goofy.

Matches 1-9:
These rounds are pretty easy. It's anything goes and Donald and Goofy can help you, but things recover at regular speed. In these rounds your goal is to obtain at least 1,500 points. The easiest way to do that is to summon Peter Pan and use Never Land repeatively. You can also use Stitch's Ohana, but Peter Pan's scores points faster and does damage. Since your Drive guage recovers slowly you can't waste it all up in the first few rounds. Use it wisely. It's best to use when fighting a lot of opponents like in rounds 1 and 4. Use your drive all up before round 5.

It's time to let your Drive recover in round 5. You're against the Volcanic Lord. Sure, he's a boss, but you've beaten him before. Use the action command of "Firegun" to send him flying and then go pound him. Avoid the fire on the floor; it will damage you! Take your time defeating this Lord to let your Drive fully recover.

Now that your Drive is recovered, it's time to get points again, but now you're in the dark. Don't fear, just target on to the opponents and use Peter Pan at rounds 7 and 8. Fight the other matches like you normally would and hope you enter double points mode so your job will be easier. At this point you should have around 3,000 points more or less. If you have more, great, and if you have less, don't worry it can be made up.

Match 10: Tifa and Yuffie
These girls might have kicked butt in Final Fantasy, but you can take them out easy. For a easy win use the limit Whirli-Goof to do heavy damage. Take each girl one at a time. When you need to heal or recover MP glide around the arena, staying far away from the girls.

Matches 11-19:
In these battles you can only use summons and you have a 500 point damage limit and Donald and Goofy are gone. You need to play it safe! Gather the opponents with magneta and let Peter Pan's Never Land take them out. Since your Drive recovers fast you can use summons as much as you like. Use them from the beginning of the match to the end.

In match 15 you're against the ice blob, the Blizzard Lord. Use the same strategy as the other lord. Stay aware of the action command of "Blizzardgun" to send him across the ring and then glide after him and attack him repeatively. Be careful of the ice he makes if you don't succeed at the "Blizzardgun." Don't get hit too much when fighting him!

For rounds 16-19 use Peter Pan's Never Land like crazy to gain the score you need. You should enter double points mode sometime around match 17. By the end of match 19, you should have 15,000 points. If you're short by 2,000 or so, don't worry you can make this up in the next 30 fights.

Match 20: Pete
Against Pete you can not afford to be hit more than a few times! You should have about 250 points of damage left, but it's very easy to defeat Pete with less than that. The key to this battle is to stay away from Pete. You can't break his barrier easily and you don't want to be body slammed (which is accompanied by a shot of "Get out of my way!"). Lock onto Pete and use Sora's limit, Trinity, to defeat him. Use the action command "break" to begin and then follow the limit up with some good hits. Once you have knocked him flat glide away to the opposite side of the ring until your MP recoveries. By targetting him you can keep an eye on his position and avoid the rolling bombs he throws. Repeat this. By the 7th or so Trinity attack it should be game over for Pete.

Matches 21-24:
Donald and Goofy are back, but you can only use magic and limits now. So fight like you normally would. Do physical attacks with the keyblade, hit them with magic attacks like thunder, or attack with a limit. Now that you don't need to worry about damage, it's okay to get hit. Just be sure to cure! If your MP needs to recover glide around the arena a while. The Capsule Heartless of match 24 can be beaten by using an action command.

Match 25: Cloud and Tifa
They look formidable, but don't start shaking. Use the limit Whirli-Goof repeatively on them. Since limits can be used for a much smaller amount of your MP, use it to your heart's content. If you need to heal or recover MP glide around the ring and avoid the two.

Matches 26-29:
Once again fight like you normally would. Use magneta and thundera as a combo, limits, and regular attacks. Heal and recover by gliding when you need to.

Match 30: Hades
Hades might be the one in charge of the tournament, but he doesn't have as much skills as you might think. Since you're in the dark lock onto him and smash him with limits like Whirli-Goof or Knocksmash and attack regularly. When he yells "Feel the Heat!" he's about to attack so jump out of the way. Heal when necessary.

Matches 31-39:
You have a time limit and Donald and Goofy ditched you, but you can use forms and your Drive recoveries swiftly. Remember changing into a form will completely heal you, so revert to normal form and then change into a Drive form again to heal. I recommend Master Form for these battles since magic is usable and can be used quickly. Use magneta and unlease a rain of thunder on the opponents for a quick win (sometimes as quick as 10 seconds!).

In match 35 attack the thousands of heartless in Master Form since you can draw them in by spinning and blast them! Also you have good air and quick attacks in this form.

Match 40: Leon and Cloud
The time's ticking so attack fast and hard. Transform to the Final Form and lock on to one of the guys; take them out one at a time. Final Form gives you a distance from their swords and the ability to do quick and damaging combos. Heal when you need to, but be quick! If you're out of magic you can revert to normal Sora and then change back into the Final Form for a quick cure job.

Matches 41-47:
Now you're on your own. That means no Donald, Goofy, Drives, or summons. You need to be very careful. Use magenta to draw all enemies together and then attack from afar with Thundera. Glide around in circles to avoid enemies, but to restore MP. These battles may take a little longer than usual, but don't rush. You've come too far to lose. The opponents in these rounds are bigger and more dangerous. Be careful!

In round 45 you have to last one minute against the army of heartless, but you've seen this gang before. Use the action commands of "Rising Sun" and "Sparkle Ray" or attack regularly to keep the opponents away.

Match 48: Cerberus
You've fought the three headed mutt before and now it's time to do it again. A good way to win is to use Thunder from a distance. Then when your MP recovers attack the heads regularly. When Cerberus pounces jump and stay airborne with glide to avoid being hit and when attacking from a distance be sure to dodge the fireballs he spits. Be aware of the action command and take advantage of it!

Match 49: Cloud, Tifa, Leon, and Yuffie
You can't take them on all at once, it's suicide. Glide around and then use your limit Trinity when ever you can. Then glide around to recover for the next attack. It might seem cowardly, but it's an easy way to win.

Match 50: Hades
Hades is back, but this time a hero is on your side. Pound Hades with your keyblade until a ring of fire surrounds him and he turns red. Then use Hercules' Aura Orbs to cool Hades down so you can attack Hades again with a limit or regularly. Hades not much tougher than last time.

Yay! You made it through the Paradox Battles: Hades Cup!

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